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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Miskolc, "Enterprise Theory and Practice" Doctoral School

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Gyula BakacsiSocietal and organizational culture and leadership (with GLOBE methodology2018-08-31ME
Károly BalatonStrategic management in companies located in Hungary2018-08-31ME
Zoltán BarthaModelling and quantifying the macroeconomic effect of the institutional2018-08-31ME
József BenedekUrban development in Central and Eastern Europe. Conditions and strategies for the regeneration of regional centres (Miskolc, Cluj and Leipzig).2018-08-31ME
Zsuzsanna Dabasi HalászExamination of the processes and special segments of the labour market2018-08-31ME
László DankóInternational Marketing Management2018-08-31ME
Mária IllésCharacteristics, conditions, methods of the corporate management in the XXI. century2018-08-31ME
Ágnes Kádárné HorváthPublic utilities and public services in changing economic regulatory environment2018-08-31ME
Ágnes Kádárné HorváthGlobal Energy Challenges and strategic responses2018-08-31ME
Béla KántorInformation technologies and development concepts of accounting information systems2018-08-31ME
Sándor KarajzDevelopment and methodological analysis of modern economic theories2018-08-31ME
György KocziszkyRegional economic growth and equilebrium2018-08-31ME
Levente KovácsRelationship between Financial Markets and Financial Literacy2018-08-31ME
Levente KovácsClearing and Settlement2018-08-31ME
Katalin LiptákAnalysis of the labour market processes2018-08-31ME
Zoltán MusinszkiEvolution and development of controlling systems2018-08-31ME
Szabolcs NagyDigital/Online Marketing2018-08-31ME
Zoltán NagyShifting of the main points in world economy2018-08-31ME
Szabolcs NagySustainable Marketing / Green Marketing2018-08-31ME
Tibor PálTheoretical and practical issues of regulation and operation of accounting information systems in domestic and international practice.2018-08-31ME
Tibor PálInsertion of institution of audit in regulation and control system of the economic process.2018-08-31ME
Zsolt PéterSpatial relationship between the phenomena of economy and society in Hungary and in Europe2018-08-31ME
István PiskótiSocial marketing – theoretical models and practical applications2018-08-31ME
István PiskótiInnovation marketing – theoretical models and practical applications2018-08-31ME
Gyula PulayIntegrity management and performance management in the public service2018-08-31ME
Andrea Sáfrányné GubikInstitutional aspects of entrepreneurship2018-08-31ME
Judit SzemánCorporate Capital Structure: theory and practice2018-08-31ME
Roland SzilágyiMethodology and practice of the getting and producing information based on sampling2018-08-31ME
Roland SzilágyiMethods for the quantitative analysis of the sharing economy2018-08-31ME
Ágnes Tokár-SzadaiThe Role of Management Consulting in the Entrepreneurship Development2018-08-31ME
Géza TóthSpace and economics2018-08-31ME
Beatrix VargaThe modelling of retail loan default risk with multivariate statistical methods2018-08-31ME
Beatrix VargaAnalysis of the correlation between economic and social processes2018-08-31ME
Mária Várkonyiné JuhászThe accountancy approach of the value and the evaluation, and the practice of the fair valuation2018-08-31ME
Mariann Veresné SomosiAnalysis and development of social innovation2018-08-31ME
Mariann Veresné SomosiPerformance Management2018-08-31ME

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