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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Miskolc, Ferenc Deak Doctoral School of Law

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Zoltán AngyalDevelopment trends of the economic and monetary system, and the internal market of the European Union2021-12-31ÁJK
Judit BartaCommercial law and the European and domestic legal development of the related instruments of the Hungarian pension system2021-12-31ÁJK
Csilla CsákHungarian and international regulation of human and natural resources' law2021-12-31ÁJK
Erika Csemáné VáradiThe national and international developmental trends of criminology and youth justice and the connecting questions.2021-12-31ÁJK
Zsolt CzékmannAdministrative law in information society2021-12-31ÁJK
Éva ErdősThe Scientific Foundation of the Law of Public Finances2021-12-31ÁJK
Ákos FarkasDevelopment trends in criminal law sciences2021-12-31ÁJK
Magdolna GedeonThe Legal Regulation of the Mass Entertainment in the Past and Present2021-12-31ÁJK
Ilona GörgényiTendencies in the advancement of criminal law, criminal policy and criminology2021-12-31ÁJK
József GulaThe Protection of the Order of Economy and Economic Competition in Criminal Law"2021-12-31ÁJK
Tamás HallókThe institutions of political democracy in the Constitutional Law2021-12-31ÁJK
Tímea Heinerné BarzóI. Personal and property relations of the subjects of civil law legal relationships, the dogmatical issues on the law of persons, the modern family law, and the law of ob2021-12-31ÁJK
Tímea Heinerné BarzóII. Subjective rights, privatization efforts and liability relationships in the field of health care2021-12-31ÁJK
Judit JacsóProtection of the free movement of capital and payments by means of criminal law and the money laundering in the EU.2021-12-31ÁJK
Nóra JakabTendencies of labour law in the light of the European and Hungarian development with special regard to the legal status, labour relations and new employment forms.2021-12-31ÁJK
Erika Jámborné RóthTendencies in the development of the Criminal Procedural Law2021-12-31ÁJK
György KenderesHistorical aspects, place, function and branch of law problems of labour law in the light of the Hungarian and the European law's development2021-12-31ÁJK
Ibolya Katalin KonczThe main trends of the social background of law and jurisdictional in the Modern History2021-12-31ÁJK
László LeszkovenLaw of contractual guarantees2021-12-31ÁJK
Imre MátyásThe ways of progress of unified European private law, the tendencies of the efforts of legal unification regarding the substantive law and law of conflicts.2021-12-31ÁJK
Zoltán NagyPublic finances, tendencies of taxation and the development of the financial institutions in the light of the Hungarian and EU regulation2021-12-31ÁJK
Anita NagyCriminal procedure law and criminal enforcement law in the light of the successes, particularly with regard to international trends2021-12-31ÁJK
István OlajosThe agricultural law, environmental and energy law support system, administrative procedures relating to grants, institutional and contractual system.2021-12-31ÁJK
Anita PaulovicsConstitutional foundations of the structure and functioning of the public administration2021-12-31ÁJK
Tamás PrugbergerIssues of the undertakings relations within the organization in Hungary in the field of industrial and agricultural production and trade in the light of the European lega2021-12-31ÁJK
Zoltán RáczThe questions of labour law as a branch of law(public law-civil law)2021-12-31ÁJK
Anikó RaiszChallenges of the 21st century in the field of the international protection of human rights and the environment2021-12-31ÁJK
Ferenc SánthaSpecial forms of criminal liability of criminal law and international criminal law2021-12-31ÁJK
Pál Sáry1. The Connection Between Religion and Law from Antiquity to the Present 2. The Development of Roman Law in Antiquity2021-12-31ÁJK
Miklós SzabóTradition and innovation of theoretical foundation of law2021-12-31ÁJK
János Ede SzilágyiInstruments of the sustainable development in connection with agricultural law and energy law2021-12-31ÁJK
András TormaThe basis for the modernization of public administration2021-12-31ÁJK
Edina VinnaiInterdisciplinary research on the legal system2021-12-31ÁJK
Zsuzsa WoperaHarmonization of Hungarian Civil Procedure and the European Law of Civil Procedure2021-12-31ÁJK
Attila DudásII. Different regulatory frame of conformity and guarantees in consumer sales contracts in the CEE countries2021-12-31MEÁJK
Attila DudásI. Resolution of the Crisis of Consumer Credit Contracts indexed in CHF in the CEE countries2021-12-31MEÁJK
Ágnes JuhászThe transformation of contractual relations in the XXI. century2021-12-31MEÁJK
Gábor MélypatakiThe impact of social innovation on employment and social rights2021-12-31MEÁJK
Hilda TóthThe development tendencies of domestic and European law of social law and connection points with labor law2021-12-31MEÁJK
Edina VinnaiLegal and sociological analysis of anti-discrimination and equal treatment2021-12-31MEÁJK
Anna PetrasovszkyDevelopment and main tencencies of fundamental rights and basic principles on State form the Modern Era to the present day2021-12-31ME ÁJ
Szabolcs HegyiPrinciples and institutional theory of a moderate state2021-12-31ME
Adrienn NagyHungarian and international features of procedures for securing creditors' claims2021-12-31ME
Réka PusztahelyiEffects of the technology for civil law liability2021-12-31ME
Zoltán VargaHungarian and international regulation of state (public)revenue2021-12-31ME

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