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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Miskolc, Antal Kerpely Doctoral School of Materials Science and Technology

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Márton BenkeSurface treatments on steels to enhance dissolution resistance in metal melts while maintaining good wettability2023-01-15AVK
Béla FiserMachine Learning Applied in Polyurethane Design and Development2023-01-15AVK
Béla FiserInvestigation of Enzymatic Degradation of Plastics2023-01-15AVK
Béla FiserTheoretical investigation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons2023-01-15AVK
Béla FiserExperimental and Theoretical Investigation of Antioxidant Additives2023-01-15AVK
Zoltán Gácsi
Attila Garami
Application of computer tomography to characterize the structure of complex materials 3D tissue2023-01-15AVK
Zoltán Gácsi
Tamás Mikó
Development of metal matrix composites by powder metal-lurgy (milling, pressing, sinter-ing) and exami-nation of their structure (CT, FIB SEM).2023-01-15AVK
Klára HernádiCVD synthesis of carbon nanotubes2023-01-15AVK
Klára HernádiModification of carbon nanotube surfaces via formation of inorganic composites2023-01-15AVK
Klára HernádiFabrication and investigation of semiconductor containing composite photocatalytic materials2023-01-15AVK
György KaptayDevelopment of Calphad and nano-Calphad2023-01-15AVK
György Kaptay
Péter Baumli
Development of metallic materials with high internal specific surface area2023-01-15AVK
Tamás KékesiDeveloping hidro-electrometallurgical methods for the utilization of metal bearing wastes2023-01-15AVK
Helga KovácsInvestigation of cleaning and capturing techniques for CO2 during oxy-fuel combustion2023-01-15AVK
Helga KovácsInvestigating the enrichment of rare earth elements and noble metals in thermal treatment residues of different base materials2023-01-15AVK
Tamás MendeApplication of ESTPHAD phase diagram calculation method for multicomponent systems2023-01-15AVK
Valéria Mertinger
Yoni Adonyi
Characterization of Innovative Friction Stir Welding Solutions for Aluminum Alloys2023-01-15AVK
Péter MizseyImproved process design for emission reduction2023-01-15AVK
Michael OwenInterface recognition of biologically active materials of carbohydrate, lipid, and protein origin2023-01-15AVK
Michael OwenNano and subnano determination of the properties of biological materials.2023-01-15AVK
Csaba Póliska
Gábor Nagy
Comparison of pollutant emissions of energy recovery from waste2023-01-15AVK
Csaba Póliska
Gábor Nagy
Comparison of pollutant emissions of energy recovery from waste2023-01-15AVK
Csaba Póliska
Andrea Simon
The applicability of slag-type waste as a raw material for glass foam2023-01-15AVK
Béla TörökComparative archaeometric analysis of historical bronze and iron objects2023-01-15AVK
Béla TörökChemical metallurgical processes of the bush process2023-01-15AVK
Tamás TörökExploiting the potential in open-air plasma surface treatments2023-01-15AVK
Béla TörökComplex archaeometallurgical-archeometrical analysis of archaeological slags2023-01-15AVK
László Tóth
Péter Barkóczy
Deformation processes and heat-resistivity of magnesium alloys2023-01-15AVK
Béla ViskolczDevelopment of nano-catalysts for the production of bio-solvents2023-01-15AVK
Béla ViskolczDesign and industrial optimization of polyurethane foams2023-01-15AVK
László Tóth
Valéria Mertinger
Nano-metal development using the Friction Assisted Lateral Extrusion Process (FALEP)2023-01-15MAK

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