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Current thesis topic proposals of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Doctoral School of Earth Sciences

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Gáspár AlbertGIS based morphotectonical modeling of the Tokaj-hills (NE Hungary)2018-05-31ELTE
Judit Bartholy
Rita Pongrácz
Connection between changing atmospheric circulation and frequency of extreme events2018-05-31ELTE
Márton BerkiNew approaches to cultural geography in Central and Eastern Europe2018-05-31ELTE
Mátyás Gede"Analysis and visualisation of geotagged photography and social media data"2018-05-31ELTE
Gábor GercsákTranslating, transcribing and transliterating geographical names. Theory and cartographic representation.2018-05-31ELTE
Ágnes GörögBiostratigraphy, palaeoenvironmental and palaeobiogeographical interpretations on the basis of microfossils2018-05-31ELTE
Róbert GyőriHistorical Geography of Hungary – History of Hungarian Geography2018-05-31ELTE
Ferenc GyurisNew approaches to spatial disparity research2018-05-31ELTE
Éva IzsákThe natural and social factors of the transformation of urban spaces2018-05-31ELTE
Miklós KázmérEnvironmental history2018-05-31ELTE
Csaba SzabóGeochemical characteristics and deformation behaviors of the lithospheric mantle beneath the Eastern Carpathians inferred from the study of mantle xenoliths2018-05-31ELTE
Tamás EgedyCurrent trends and impacts of the urban regeneration in Hungary and Budapest2018-05-31MTA
Tamás EgedyCurrent trends and impacts of the urban regeneration in Hungary and Budapest2018-05-31MTA
Tamás EgedyGeographical aspects of creative and innovative economies2018-05-31MTA
Kinga HipsSedimentary and diagenetic evaluation of carbonates2018-05-31MTA

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