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Current thesis topic proposals of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Doctoral School of Physics

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István CsabaiMachine learning ion sciences2018-05-31ELTE
József CsertiStudy of topological properties of two dimensional layered atomically thin materials2018-05-31ELTE
László DobosMachine learning in astronomy2018-05-31ELTE
László DobosFederated astronomical databases2018-05-31ELTE
Róbert ErdélyiDeveloping state-of-the-art Space Weather forecast tools2018-05-31ELTE
Róbert ErdélyiModelling (macro)spicules and their effect on solar atmospheric dynamics2018-05-31ELTE
Róbert ErdélyiMagnetodydrodynamic waves in the solar atmosphere2018-05-31ELTE
Péter Dusán IspánovityDynamical correlations in dislocation systems2018-05-31ELTE
Sándor KatzThe QCD phase diagram from lattice calculations2018-05-31ELTE
Bence KocsisStatistical mechanics and gravitational wave astrophysics of galactic nuclei2018-05-31ELTE
Bence KocsisStochastic secular dynamics2018-05-31ELTE
Dániel NógrádiThe critical point of quantum chromodynamics2018-05-31ELTE
Gabriella PásztorTesting the Standard Model with the LHC CMS experiment at CERN2018-05-31ELTE
Gabriella PásztorSearch for New Physics with the CMS detector at the LHC2018-05-31ELTE
Kristóf PetrovaySolar and astrophysical magnetohydrodynamics2018-05-31ELTE
Zsolt Mózes SándorFormation of planetary systems in time-evolving protoplanetary discs2018-05-31ELTE
Jurij SidorDevelopment of microstructure, texture and plastic strain anisotropy in Al alloys2018-05-31ELTE
Gergely Szöllősi
Imre Derényi
Physics of Cancer2018-05-31ELTE
Gergely SzöllősiEvolutionary Genomics: dating the tree of life using complete genomes2018-05-31ELTE
Tamás TélUnderstanding dynamics with drifts: a snapshot attractor view2018-05-31ELTE
L. Viktor TóthInterstellar medium and star formation in the Milky Way and in other galaxies2018-05-31ELTE
Gábor VásárhelyiVision-based collective problem solving with drone swarms in real-life applications2018-05-31ELTE
Gábor VeresTwo-particle correlations in proton-proton collisions2018-05-31ELTE
Péter ÁbrahámChemical evolution of dense gas in Galactic protoclusters2018-05-31MTA
Péter ÁbrahámStudying the initial conditions for planet formation using infrared interferometry2018-05-31MTA
Péter Ábrahám
Mária Kun
Star formation studies based on the new results of ESA's Gaia mission2018-05-31MTA
Gergely Gábor Barnaföldi
Antal Jakovác
Investigations of Particle Production and Hadronization in High-energy Heavy-ion Collisions2018-05-31MTA
László BencsDevelopment and study of an atmospheric glow discharge for the quantitation of the metal content of natural water sediments.2018-05-31MTA
László BencsStudies on high resolution atomic absorption spectrometric methods for the direct solid analysis of environmental samples and advanced nano-materials2018-05-31MTA
László Péter BiróInvestigation of 2D topological electron systems using scanning tunneling microscopy2018-05-31MTA
Tamás BörzsönyiFlow of granular materials of complex grain shapes2018-05-31MTA
Ágnes BukaTopological defects in liquid crystals2018-05-31MTA
Péter Domokos
András Vukics
Quantum Light-Matter Interface2018-05-31MTA
Ádám GaliTheoretical and experimental optically detected magnetic resonance spectroscopy on solid state quantum bits2018-05-31MTA
Balázs HangyaThe simultaneous study of the cholinergic and dopaminergic systems in associative learning2018-05-31MTA
Lajos Gábor KocsisPlasma turbulence in stellarator experiments2018-05-31MTA
Ágnes KóspálCircumstellar structure and variable accretion in young stars2018-05-31MTA
Balázs Gergely MadasMathematical modelling of low dose hypersensitivity and induced radioresistance2018-05-31MTA
László Molnár
Róbert Szabó
Space photometric investigations of classical pulsating variable stars2018-05-31MTA
Géza ÓdorInvestigation of disorder effects in network models2018-05-31MTA
Tamás PusztaiModelling the formation of ultrafine eutectic microstructures during additive manufacturing2018-05-31MTA
Tibor Tóth KatonaPhotoalignment in three dimensions2018-05-31MTA
Dezső VargaMicro-Pattern Gaseous Detectors for CERN experiments2018-05-31MTA
Lajos Károly VargaFunctionalizing high-entropy materials for thermoelectric applications2018-05-31MTA
Dezső VargaGaseous tracking detectors for Muography Instrumentation2018-05-31MTA
Lajos Károly VargaCovetics - a new hybrid nanocarbon-metal material2018-05-31MTA

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