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Current thesis topic proposals of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Doctoral School of Biology

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István GyertyánRodent models of cognitive dysfunctions in neurologic and psychiatric disorders2018-05-31SE
László NégyessyNeural basis of tactile object perception in the SI somatosensory cortex2018-05-31SE
Péter KalóGenetic analysis of bacteroid differentiation and the functioning of symbiotic nitrogen fixation2018-05-31NAIK
Árpád DobolyiNeurobiology of parental behavior in rodents2018-05-31ELTE
Árpád DobolyiNeurobiology of parental behavior in rodents with a bioinformatics approach2018-05-31ELTE
Márta GácsiNeural and behavioural correlates of emotional processing and syncronisation in dogs2018-05-31ELTE
Csaba HetényiDevelopment and applications of computational drug design methods2018-05-31ELTE
Gábor (ELTE ASFT) Juhász"Regulation of autophagy and endocytosis"2018-05-31ELTE
József KardosFunctions of complement classical pathway components in the central nervous system2018-05-31ELTE
Mihály KovácsMechanisms and biological functions of motor enzymes2018-05-31ELTE
Enikő KubinyiCognitive Ageing in Dogs2018-05-31ELTE
Péter LőwRegulation of crinophagy2018-05-31ELTE
Viktor MüllerThe evolution of adaptive immunity2018-05-31ELTE
Beáta ObornyTraditional ecological knowledge of Mongolian or other pastoralist people2018-05-31ELTE
Péter PongráczCat-human interactions - experimental investigation of the socio-cognitive capacity of domestic cats (Felis catus)2018-05-31ELTE
Katalin SchlettSynapse formation and neuronal plasticity2018-05-31ELTE
Ádám SoltiIron mobilisation from leaves: perspectives in iron fertilisation and biofortification2018-05-31ELTE
Dávid SzütsMutational processes in cancer cells2018-05-31ELTE
Máté VargaUracil in the DNA during development: signal or noise?2018-05-31ELTE
Tibor VellaiIdentification and characterization of Piwi protein-blocking small molecules. Antiageing and anticancer applications.2018-05-31ELTE
Annamária ZsákaiFecal microbiota composition and body structure in healthy adults2018-05-31ELTE
Sándor ZsebőkCultural evolution of birdsong2018-05-31ELTE
Tamás Beke-SomfaiDevelopment of Membrane Active Artificial Foldamers2018-05-31MTA
László HomolyaRegulation of cell polarity in epithelial cells.2018-05-31MTA
Ferenc JordánEcological network analysis2018-05-31MTA
Péter KeleDesign and synthesis of double fluorogenic probes2018-05-31MTA
Péter KeleDesign and synthesis of electronically coupled fluorogenic tetrazines2018-05-31MTA
Csilla LaczkaOrganic Anion Transporting Polypeptides as new pharmacological targets2018-05-31MTA
László NégyessyModelling the mesoscale organization of the network of the cerebral cortex2018-05-31MTA
Rita Pancsa
Ágnes Tantos
The role of phase transitions of fusion proteins and proteins with perturbed splicing patterns in cancer.2018-05-31MTA
Ágnes TantosProtein-RNA complexes in the regulation of epithelial-mesenchymal transition2018-05-31MTA
Ágnes TantosFunctional and structural characterization of protein-lncRNA complexes involved in epigenetic regulation2018-05-31MTA
István TóthPathogenetic and genetic characterization of pathogenic and commensal Escherichia coli livestock isolates and their bacteriphages2018-05-31MTA

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