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Current thesis topic proposals of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Doctoral School of Biology

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Árpád DobolyiNeuronal background of maternal behaviour2019-05-31ELTE
Árpád DobolyiNeuronal circuits responsible for maternal behaviours2019-05-31ELTE
László Zsolt Garamszegi
Enikő Kubinyi
The reconstruction of the evolutionary history of dog breeds by using modern phylogenetic methods2019-05-31ELTE
Ferenc JordánTrophic interactions in aquatic ecosystems2019-05-31ELTE
Károly MárialigetiOptimization of bioremediation technologies using microbial methods2019-05-31ELTE
László NyitrayStudying protein-protein interactions by biochemical, biophysical, structural and cell biology methods2019-05-31ELTE
Katalin SchlettDevelopment of a novel multi-electrode array (MEA) system to allow long-term pharmacological assessments of electrically active cell cultures2019-05-31ELTE
Katalin SchlettDiscovering novel regulators of synaptic plasticity via affecting AMPAR turnover2019-05-31ELTE
Dénes SchmeraTraits-based fuctional assessment of ecological communities2019-05-31ELTE
Ádám SoltiThe role of flavin derivatives in the iron homeostasis of plants2019-05-31ELTE
Eörs Szathmáry
András Szilágyi
Erika TóthEffect of geological and athropogenic contamination on the microbial communities of aquatic habitats2019-05-31ELTE
Sándor ZsebőkEcological effects of opto-acoustic mirrors on bats2019-05-31ELTE
Sándor Zsebők
István Scheuring
Cultural evolution of bird song2019-05-31ELTE
László BudayStudying the function of Tks4 scaffold protein2019-05-31MTA
Tamás HajduPhysical anthropological analysis of Eastern origin populations of Medieval Hungary2019-05-31MTA
Enikő Kubinyi
László Zsolt Garamszegi
The reconstruction of the evolutionary history of dog breeds by using modern phylogenetic methods2019-05-31MTA
Csilla LaczkaInvestigation of Organic Anion Transporting Polypeptides as potential pharmacological targets2019-05-31MTA
József TopálStudying the role dogs may play as „symptom-bearers” for their human caregivers.2019-05-31MTA
József TopálThe dog as a model for the social-cognitive deficits in autism spectrum disorders.2019-05-31MTA
Zoltán (MTA ATK) TóthSocial information use and its fitness consequences in animal aggregations characterized by different levels of sociality2019-05-31MTA
Gábor TusnádyAddress coding of transmembrane proteins2019-05-31MTA

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