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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Pannonia, Multilingualism Doctoral School

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Szilvia BátyiFirst language attrition among Arabic speakers in Hungary2020-09-30PE
Valéria CsépeReading and spelling: development, disorders and intervention2020-09-15PE
Valéria CsépeNew methods of learning and instruction in ESL classroom2020-09-15PE
István CsernicskóRite Tradition as a Form of Preserving the Language in a Multilingual Environment2020-09-30PE
Margaret DeucharCode-switching in English only policy classrooms among bilingual teachers in Hungary2020-09-15PE
Gyöngyi FábiánSocial psychology aspects of the language classroom2020-09-15PE
Gyöngyi FábiánEducation linguistic research of the language classroom2020-09-15PE
Gyöngyi FábiánThought in the language classroom (critical thinking, metaphor analysis)2020-09-15PE
Ildikó HortobágyiTradition driven societal and linguistic shift(s) in Europe2020-09-15PE
Ildikó HortobágyiMultilingual figurative language processing (English, French, Hungarian)2020-09-15PE
László KovácsLinguistic issues of marketing communication and brand communication2020-09-30PE
László KovácsNetworks in the multilingual mental lexicon2020-09-30PE
László KovácsLinguistic contexts of brand names2020-09-30PE
László KovácsLSP and the mental lexicon2020-09-30PE
Judit NavracsicsSpeech production of bilingual individuals in spontaneous and guided narratives2020-09-15PE
Judit NavracsicsMultilingual figurative language processing2020-09-15PE
János OlléMeasure and assessment challenges of school performance of bilingual children2020-09-20PE
János OlléCharacteristics of digital competence development of bilingual students2020-09-20PE
János OlléMeasurability of school maturity of bilingual children2020-09-20PE
János OlléUse of digital teaching materials and course books in bilingual schools/teaching environment2020-09-20PE
János OlléSpeech development and language use of bilingual children in the transition from preschool to primary school2020-09-20PE
Andrea ParapaticsOpportunities and challenges of multilingualism in Ethiopian higher institutions2020-09-30PE
Anat StavansThe socio-pragmatic and intercultural aspects of language(s) use of Jordanian students abroad who come from diverse regional backgrounds (rural, urban)2020-09-15PE
Anat StavansThe evolving multilingualism of students learning English and other Ethiopian Languages as additional languages2020-09-15PE
Anat StavansPromoting Literacy in multilinguals2020-09-15PE
Marjolijn VerspoorThe Cross-Linguistic Development of Bi-and Multilinguals through Content and Language-Integrated Learning (CLIL)2020-09-30PE

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