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Current thesis topic proposals of National University of Public Service, Budapest, Doctoral School of Police Sciences and Law Enforcement

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Andrea Tünde BarabásThe possibilities of situational and environmental crime prevention in Hungary2021-08-01RDI
Andrea Tünde BarabásRestorative approaches in the policing2021-08-01RDI
Andrea Tünde BarabásThe possibilities of situational and environmental crime prevention in Hungary2021-08-01RDI
Zsanett FantolyThe criminal liability of legal persons2021-08-01RDI
Zsanett FantolyThe role of the investigation in criminal justice2021-08-01RDI
József HallerMigration and aggression.2021-08-01RDI
József HallerThe impact of extreme stress on police operations and its physiological background during training.2021-08-01RDI
Miklós HollánAdministrative penal law2021-08-01RDI
Miklós HollánAnti-corruption measures in criminal law and administrative law2021-08-01RDI
Gábor KovácsThe Conception of Implementation of Vision for European Forensic Science 20202021-08-01RDI
Gábor KovácsForensic Expert Testimony in Criminal Procedure2021-08-01RDI
András László PapLaw enforcement and minorities: Challenges is policing multiethnic and multicultural communities2021-08-01RDI
András László PapCurrent constitutional and human rights issues in law enforcement2021-08-01RDI
András László PapLaw enforcement challenges in the digital era2021-08-01RDI
András László PapOutsourcing police powers2021-08-01RDI
Katalin PartiInternational cybercrime: Local issues, global approach2021-08-01RDI
Péter RuzsonyiInternational Tendencies of theTreatment of Offenders2021-08-01RDI
Péter RuzsonyiIntroduction into the Re-education of Criminal Pedagogy2021-08-01RDI

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