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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Pécs, Doctoral School of Clinical Neurosciences

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Hajnalka ÁbrahámNeuropathological examination of the tissue surgically removed due to temporal lobe epilepsy2018-05-18ÁOK
Hajnalka ÁbrahámStudy of the link between pharmaceutical fever and febrile seizure reduction and the prevention of the development of hippocampal sclerosis2018-05-18ÁOK
Hajnalka ÁbrahámMorphological examination of the developing human cerebral cortex2018-05-18ÁOK
Péter ÁcsAssessment of cognitive functions in multiple sclerosis2018-05-18ÁOK
István BalásClinical application of neuro-pacemakers2018-05-18ÁOK
István BalásSpinal cord stimulation for chronic pain2018-05-18ÁOK
Boldizsár CzéhThe neurobiology of stress2018-05-18ÁOK
Boldizsár CzéhUnderstanding the neurobiology of depressive disorders2018-05-18ÁOK
Tamás DócziSurgical treatment of vascular malformations of the nervous system2018-05-18ÁOK
Tamás DócziVolume regulation of the brain2018-05-18ÁOK
Tamás DócziFrom the doctrine of Monroe and Kellie towards the realisation of digital neurosurgery2018-05-18ÁOK
Róbert HeroldThe neurobiology of mentalization2018-05-18ÁOK
Róbert HeroldLinguistic aspects of mentalization deficits in schizophrenia2018-05-18ÁOK
Róbert HeroldMentalization deficits in schizophrenia2018-05-18ÁOK
Róbert HeroldImaging methods and mentalization deficits in schizophrenia2018-05-18ÁOK
Róbert HeroldThe treatment of mentalization deficits in schizophrenia2018-05-18ÁOK
Róbert HeroldNeurocognitive and mentalization deficits in schizophrenia2018-05-18ÁOK
Katalin HollódyIncidental findings on brain MRI in children with neurological diseases2018-05-18ÁOK
Katalin HollódyNutrition and growth in children with chronic neurological disability2018-05-18ÁOK
Gábor KelemenProcesses of recovery from substance abuse2018-05-18ÁOK
Sámuel Komoly
Zsolt Illés
Population-based epidemiology of the neuromyelitis optica (NMO) spectrum in Hungary based on a national register; “head-to-head” comparison of NMO epidemiology between Hu2018-05-18ÁOK
Norbert KovácsThe efficacy of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation int he treatment of various movement disorders2018-05-18ÁOK
Norbert KovácsDeep brain stimulation in movement disorders2018-05-18ÁOK

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