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Current thesis topic proposals of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Doctoral School of Chemistry

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Tamás Beke-SomfaiDevelopment of Membrane Active Artificial Foldamers2018-05-31MTA
Tamás Beke-SomfaiComplex Biomolecular Machines2018-05-31MTA
György FerenczyComputational Chemistry in Drug Discovery2018-05-31MTA
Imre PápaiDesign of Organocatalysts2018-05-31MTA
Imre PápaiReactivity of Frustrated Lewis Pairs2018-05-31MTA
Imola Csilla SzigyártóExtracellular vesicles as model membranes for advanced biological investigations: isolation, characterization and applicability2018-05-31MTA
Attila CsászárExotic chemical phenomena: tunneling and resonances2018-05-31ELTE
Attila CsászárSmall molecules as complex systems2018-05-31ELTE
Attila CsászárQuantum molecular dynamics2018-05-31ELTE
Attila CsászárThe fourth age of quantum chemistry: molecules in motion2018-05-31ELTE
Éva KissDevelopment of biocompatible drug delivery systems2018-05-31ELTE
Éva KissNanostructural drug delivery systems2018-05-31ELTE
Éva KissMolecular interactions in cell membrane model systems2018-05-31ELTE
Győző LángInvestigation of the kinetics of electrochemical processes by using multielectrode systems2018-05-31ELTE
Győző LángInvestigation of the electrochemical stability of conducting polymer films and thin metal layers2018-05-31ELTE
Győző LángInvestigation of the electrochemical stability of implant materials2018-05-31ELTE
Edit MátyusTheoretical developments for the precision spectroscopy of small molecules2018-05-31ELTE
Edit MátyusComputational study of spectroscopic and thermodynamic properties of molecular complexes2018-05-31ELTE
Edit MátyusDevelopment of path-integral methods for the quantum mechanical description of complex molecular systems2018-05-31ELTE
Gitta SchlosserDiscovery of protein citrullination using mass spectrometry2018-05-31ELTE
Péter SurjánElelctron correlation in molecular systems2018-05-31ELTE
István SzalaiPattern formation in reaction diffusion-systems2018-05-31ELTE
Péter SzalayDevelpment of fragment based quantum chemical methods2018-05-31ELTE
Roland SzalaySynthesis of tin and iron complexes and coordination chemistry study thereof2018-05-31ELTE
Péter SzalayQuantum chemical investigation of the excitation properties and conductivity of DNA molecule2018-05-31ELTE
Roland SzalaySynthesis of tin and iron complexes and coordination chemistry study thereof2018-05-31ELTE
Tamás SzigetiIndoor air quality in school buildings2018-05-31ELTE
Tamás SzigetiMethod development for human biomonitoring studies2018-05-31ELTE
György TarczaySpectroscopic characterization and irradiation induced reactions of N-, S- and P- bearing planetary and interstellar species2018-05-31ELTE
György TarczayPotential energy landscape of small biomolecules2018-05-31ELTE
György TarczaySpectroscopic investigation of novel, short-lived species2018-05-31ELTE
György TarczayInvestigation of molecular physics processes at low temperatures2018-05-31ELTE
László TúriThe development of a new mixed quantum-classical molecular dynamics simulation method.2018-05-31ELTE
László TúriThe application of quantum-classical molecular dynamics simulation methods for biologically relevant systems.2018-05-31ELTE
László TúriRadiolysis of water: ab initio molecular dynamics simulations2018-05-31ELTE

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