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Current thesis topic proposals of Szent István University, Gödöllő, Enyedi György Doctoral School of Regional Sciences

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Zoltán BujdosóThe role of safety in tourism2018-05-31SZIE
Jenő Zsolt FarkasLand use changes in different types of rural regions2018-05-31SZIE
Pál GodaRethinking system approach models in the Rural and Regional Development2018-05-31SZIE
Zoltán HajdúAdministrative geography2018-05-31SZIE
Zoltán HajdúBasic questions of development of the different functional and hierarchical political unites2018-05-31SZIE
György JónaSpatial evolution of business networks2018-05-31SZIE
Anikó Khademi-VidraThe study of the consumer habits 2018-05-31SZIE
Anikó Khademi-VidraThe regional questions of education2018-05-31SZIE
András KovácsFöldrajzi és kiber terek a gazdaságban2018-05-31SZIE
András KovácsSmart cities and tourism development2018-05-31SZIE
József KozáriImpacts of climate change (global warming and drying) on agriculture2018-05-31SZIE
Mária L. RédeiBusiness services2018-05-31SZIE
Henrietta NagyPlanning Local Economic Development: The effect of Local Business and Enterprises in developing rural areas of Kosovo2018-05-31SZIE
György Iván NeszmélyiThe spatial distribution of capital stocks and flows of companies - comparative analysis in cases of different countries and regions2018-05-31SZIE
György Iván NeszmélyiExamination of developing countries from spatial aspect2018-05-31SZIE
Tamás TóthThe practice is of the good governance.2018-05-31SZIE
Mihály László VörösUtilization of quality food and gastronomy tourism in regional development2018-05-31SZIE
Mihály László VörösLocal food supply systems (LFSS)2018-05-31SZIE

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