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Current thesis topic proposals of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Doctoral School of Psychology

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Balázs AczélThe role of affects in cognitive control2018-04-24PDI
Balázs AczélMethodological and theoretical research on the questions of the Nudge theory2018-04-24PDI
György BárdosLife-style and health: How we can decrease the risks?2018-04-24PDI
Mihály BerkicsThe Evolutionary Psychology of Mating Strategies2018-04-24PDI
István CziglerAutomatic visual information processing: cognitive neuroscience studies2018-04-24PDI
István CziglerPsychophysiology of creativity2018-04-24PDI
Zsolt DemetrovicsPsychogenetic investigation of substance related and behavioural addictions2018-04-24PDI
Zsolt DemetrovicsResearch on the psychological implications of the reward deficiency syndrome2018-04-24PDI
Zsolt DemetrovicsResearch on the use of new synthetic psychoactive drugs2018-04-24PDI
Zsolt DemetrovicsResearch on substance related and behavioural addictions from a personality psychology approach2018-04-24PDI
Zsolt DemetrovicsResearch on the spectrum approach of behavioural addictions2018-04-24PDI
Zsolt DemetrovicsHypersexuality2018-04-24PDI
Katalin FelvincziProgramme/intervention evaluation and/or accreditation2018-04-24PDI
Katalin FelvincziApplied social psychology: evaluation of public policies and programmes with special emphasis on social problems emerging in a moral space2018-04-24PDI
Márta FülöpCompetition and giftedness2018-04-24PDI
Márta FülöpThe personality psychology and psychological and somatic health aspects of competition2018-04-24PDI
Márta FülöpCooperation and competition within the immigrant community2018-04-24PDI
Márta FülöpCoping with winning and losing from young to old age2018-04-24PDI
Miklós GyőriThe psychological aspects of using info-communication technologies for research, assistive, educational or diagnostic purposes in people with atypical development2018-04-24PDI
János GyőriDevelopmental aspects of „gifted parents’ children” in the context of the parents’ social acknowledgement2018-04-24PDI
Ferenc HonbolygóThe neurocognitive background of prosodic features of language2018-04-24PDI
Karolina JanacsekUnderstanding the neurocognitive underpinnings of learning predictive relationships in event sequences2018-04-24PDI
Anna KendePolitical activism and collective action2018-04-24PDI
Anna KendeSocial psychological analysis of prejudice2018-04-24PDI
Sunae KimChildren's selective cultural learning in multicultural families2018-04-24PDI
Ildikó KirályKnowledge base attribution in everyday interaction2018-04-24PDI
Ildikó KirályThe role of memory and memory development in emergent social competences2018-04-24PDI
Ferenc KötelesProprioception and body awareness2018-04-24PDI
Ferenc KötelesHealth worry and health anxiety2018-04-24PDI
Ferenc KötelesElectromagnetic hypersensitivity2018-04-24PDI
Eszter KótyukIndividual differences in the process of immersion in potentially addictive behaviors2018-04-24PDI
Mónika KovácsAttachment and social attitudes2018-04-24PDI
Mónika KovácsProspects for prejudice reduction2018-04-24PDI
Mónika KovácsFemale gender role variations and attachment2018-04-24PDI
Mónika KovácsSocial dominance orientation: context and dynamics2018-04-24PDI
Mónika KovácsGender ideologies, gender stereotypes, gender and career, gender and politics2018-04-24PDI
Kristóf KovácsMeasurement of and individual differences in cognitive abilities2018-04-24PDI
Mónika KovácsEnvious prejudices and stereotypes2018-04-24PDI
Attila KrajcsiAutomatic statistical analysis and best data analyses practices2018-04-24PDI
Attila KrajcsiBasic number representations2018-04-24PDI
Herman Nico Alexander LogemannThe role of executive functions (i.e. attention, inhibitory control) in normal and abnormal behaviour2018-04-24PDI
Zoltán NádasdyThe development of spatial cognition and spatial consciousness2018-04-24PDI
Zoltán NádasdyThe role of gamma oscillations in visual perception: a VR-EEG study2018-04-24PDI
Lan Anh Nguyen LuuAcculturation and identity2018-04-24PDI
Lan Anh Nguyen LuuAdaptation of international students2018-04-24PDI
József RáczQualitative psychological studies2018-04-24PDI
József RáczApplying interpretative phenomenological analysis in psychological studies2018-04-24PDI
Anett RagóSemantic and episodic nature of memories in Life story Interview2018-04-24PDI
Anett RagóCross-cultural examination of higher order cognitive processes2018-04-24PDI
Anett RagóCategory learning in case of complex visual stimuli2018-04-24PDI
Melinda ReinhardtNon-suicidal self-injury and its psychological and psychosocial correlates2018-04-24PDI
Melinda ReinhardtPerfectionism2018-04-24PDI
Péter Dániel SimorSleep and information processing2018-04-24PDI
Péter Dániel SimorThe heterogeneity of REM sleep2018-04-24PDI
Péter Dániel SimorEmotional regulation in Nightmare Disorder2018-04-24PDI
Attila SzabóSpecific and non-specific effects of (claimed) sport-performance enhancing gadgets2018-04-24PDI
Attila SzabóPsychological impact of exaggerated smartphone and/or tablet usage among adults2018-04-24PDI
Adrienn UjhelyiThe social psychology of social media2018-04-24PDI
Katalin VargaPerinatal sciences2018-04-24PDI
Katalin VargaHypnosis, hypnotic interaction2018-04-24PDI
Katalin VargaPhenomenologycal analysis of altered states of consciousness2018-04-24PDI
András VarghaClassification methods in person-oriented psychological research2018-04-24PDI
Anna Veres-SzékelyInherited components of the “electrodermal fingerprint”2018-04-24PDI

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