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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Debrecen, Doctoral School of Informatics

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János TóthReal time collecting and processing of data from electric vehicles2018-05-15DEIK
Gusztáv Áron SzíkiDynamic modelling, simulation and optimization of alternative driven vehicles and power trains in MATLAB environment2018-05-15ITDI
Attila AdamkóModel-based development methods and XML technologies2018-05-15DE IK
Bálint AntalPrediction of biological functions based on representation learning of heterogeneus datasets2018-05-15DE IK
Sándor BaranProbabilistic methods in weather forecasting2018-05-15DE IK
Sándor BaranParameter estimation problems of random fields2018-05-15DE IK
Mátyás BarczyStochastic properties of affine processes2018-05-15DE IK
István BodaCognitive science aspects of hypertext2018-05-15DE IK
Marianna Bodroginé ZicharInterdisciplinar visualization2018-05-15DE IK
István BudaiIT supported business process improvement2018-05-15DE IK
Gyöngyi BujdosóDesigning, Developing, Analyzing, Implementing and Examining Effectiveness of E-learning systems2018-05-15DE IK
Erzsébet Bujdosóné DaniMedia literacy, digital literacy, narratives of digital reading, electronic literature2018-05-15DE IK
Pál BuraiClassification and stability of Nash equilibria2018-05-15DE IK
Mária CsernochTools of developing computational thinking2018-05-15DE IK
Mária Csernoch
János Máth
Developing software tools for automated logging of interactive computer activities2018-05-15DE IK
Pál Béla DömösiFormal languages and automata2018-05-15DE IK
Miklós EmriBrain network modeling and analysis2018-05-15DE IK
Mária Eszenyiné BorbélyThe quality in use of the software product and user satisfaction testing in the framework of the digital ecosystem2018-05-15DE IK
Gábor FazekasQuality Assurance models of computer aided teaching2018-05-15DE IK
István FazekasEvolution of random graphs2018-05-15DE IK
Attila FazekasResearch in digital image processing2018-05-15DE IK
István FazekasAsymptotic properties of stochastic systems2018-05-15DE IK
Zoltán GálQoS analysis of the sensor networks2018-05-15DE IK
Zoltán GálProcessing of data streams and complex events in distributed ICT systems2018-05-15DE IK
József GállApplication of modern financial models in derivative pricing and risk management2018-05-15DE IK
Attila GilányiThree-dimensional virtual systems2018-05-15DE IK
András HajduOptimization problems for large datasets2018-05-15DE IK
András HajduMedical image processing, automatic screening systems2018-05-15DE IK
Lajos HajduDiscrete tomography2018-05-15DE IK
Gábor József HalászPhoto-induced nonadiabatic quantum molecular dinamics2018-05-15DE IK
Tamás HerendiConstruction of pseudo random number generators using FPGA2018-05-15DE IK
Miklós HoffmannCurves and surfaces in computer aided modeling2018-05-15DE IK
Géza HorváthAutomata Network and Application to Cryptography2018-05-15DE IK
Géza HusiIndustry 4.0 informatical references2018-05-15DE IK
Andrea HusztiCryptographic protocols2018-05-15DE IK
Márton IspányModeling, developing and application of crowdsourcing methods for Smart Cities2018-05-15DE IK
Márton Ispány
László Szathmáry
Developing data mining models with application to large datasets2018-05-15DE IK
Imre KocsisModelling and optimization of technical systems2018-05-15DE IK
Imre KocsisDevelopment and application of data processing methods in technical diagnostics2018-05-15DE IK
Roland Imre KunkliDeformation techniques in computer animation2018-05-15DE IK
Tamás MihálydeákLogical systems relying on rough set theory2018-05-15DE IK
Tamás MihálydeákGeneralizations of rough set theory2018-05-15DE IK
Benedek NagyDigital geometry2018-05-15DE IK
Benedek NagyNew computing paradigms2018-05-15DE IK
Benedek NagyFormal languages and automata2018-05-15DE IK
István OnigaArtificial neural networks hardware implementation using reconfigurable devices2018-05-15DE IK
Ildikó PappInformation and scientific visualization2018-05-15DE IK
Attila PethőGeneralized radix representations2018-05-15DE IK
Attila PethőNew cryptographic primitives2018-05-15DE IK
János SztrikModeling and analysis of information technology systems2018-05-15DE IK
György TerdikSpatio-temporal / nonlinear time series analysis2018-05-15DE IK
György Terdik
Zoltán Gál
IoT (Internet of Things), analysis of communication technology and dataflow2018-05-15DE IK
Erzsébet TóthSemantic web: ontologies, topic maps and thesauri2018-05-15DE IK
László TóthSensor network for measurements and computations2018-05-15DE IK
György VaszilUnconventional computational models and paradigms2018-05-15DE IK
Tamás VertseEfficient numerical solutions of complex ODE2018-05-15DE IK
Márta VirágosKnowledge management, scholarly communication2018-05-15DE IK
Márta VirágosManagement of Subject and Institutional Repositories2018-05-15DE IK
Péter Tamás SzemesDevelopment of control strategies for community based, renewable energy utilization systems2018-05-15DE

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