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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Debrecen, Géza Marton Doctoral School of Legal Studies

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Sándor MadaiChallenges of substantive criminal law in the 21st century2018-08-21A/115
Ágnes Pápai-TarrPossible directions of the changes in certain criminal substantial legal institutions in the 21st century2018-08-21A/115
István BalázsLes changements de la théorie generale du service public2018-08-21A/219
Nelli VargaBasic questions and changes in contract law2018-08-21A/117
Nelli VargaDevelopment trends of family law2018-08-21A/117
Katalin Szűcs Lászlóné SiskaHuman Rights and International Migration2018-08-21C/7
Katalin Szűcs Lászlóné SiskaThe History of the Turkish Constitution - The Birth of Modern Turkey2018-08-21C/7
Gábor Attila TóthComparative Constitutionalism2018-08-21A/217
Tamás Horváth M.Public administration and management2018-08-21A/14
Zsolt HajnalEuropean and Hungarian consumer protection law2018-08-21A/118
Zsolt HajnalCross border private legal relations2018-08-21A/118
Veronika SzikoraSystem und Reform des Gesellschaftsrechts in Europa2018-08-21A/118
Veronika SzikoraEntwicklungstendenzen des Gesellschaftsrechts in den 19-21. Jahrhunderten2018-08-21A/118
Ildikó BarthaExternal relations of the European Union2018-08-21A/214
Márton VarjuThe national interest in EU law2018-08-21A/214
Márton VarjuHuman rights as legal and policy instruments in the European Union2018-08-21A/214
Ernő VárnayThe infringement procedures under Articles 258-260 of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union (TFEU)2018-08-21A/214
Ernő VárnayPreliminary ruling procedure under Article 267 TFEU2018-08-21A/214
Péter SólyomValue pluralism and equality Challenges of democratic political integration in contemporary constitutional law2018-08-21A/216
Péter SólyomThe Autonomy of Parliament and the Protection of Human Rights2018-08-21A/216
Mátyás BenczeTheoretical background to adjudication2018-08-21B/103
Zsuzsanna ÁrvaThe administrative aspects of the education2018-08-21A/220
József SzabadfalviHungarian legal philosophical thinking from the beginnings to the mid-20th century2018-08-21B/102
Judit BaloghRezeption und Kodifikation als Gestaltungsmittel des Staatswesens. Funktionswandel der Rechtsinstituten ab dem 18. bis zum 21. Jahrhundert2018-08-21C/8/A
Judit MolnárZivilprozess und ausserprozessliche Verfahren in Europa2018-08-21A/215
László PribulaAlternative Dispute Resolution: ways to avoid lawsuits in the 21st century2018-08-21A/215
Mihály FónaiRecrutation and characteristics of legal professions2018-08-21C/9/B
György NádasFundamental conceptual questions of labour law; harmonisation of law regarding the basic legal institutions of labour law2018-08-21C/109
Henriett Nádasné RabThe effects of the relationship between labour law and social law on the labour market mechanisms2018-08-21C/109
Balázs ElekThe formation of the judicial belief, and the basic principles of the criminal procedure2018-08-21A/221
Krisztián SzabóPossible directions of changes of some criminal procedural legal institutions in the light of the codification of criminal procedural law2018-08-21A/221
Tamás FézerNew Tendencies in the Development of a Common European Private Law2018-08-21A/13
Tamás FézerInstitutions of International Business Law in the 21st century2018-08-21A/13
Emőd VeressFundamental issues of the private law in post-socialist transition2018-08-21ÁJK
Emőd VeressTools of creditor and debtor protection in private law2018-08-21ÁJK
Márton Leó ZaccariaFundamental values and changes in the legal protection of the employees among the current employment tendencies2018-08-21ÁJK
Béla SzabóDer Einfluss der gelehrten Rechte auf die Normentstehung, Normvermittlung und Normdurchsetzung in Ostmitteleuropa im zweiten Jahrtausend2018-08-21C/12

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