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Current thesis topic proposals of Széchenyi István University, Győr, Multidisciplinary Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences

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Katalin BeneRunoff Prediction in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions Using Hydrological Models and ANN Techniques2020-05-31SZE
Katalin BeneEvaluation and Management of Water Resources in Arid Regions2020-05-31SZE
Gábor DogossyDevelopment of PLA composite using agro waste for automotive application2020-05-31SZE
Gusztáv Fekete
Ibolya Zsoldos
Numerical analysis of wear in knee implants2020-05-31SZE
Máté HegyhátiReactive scheduling2020-05-31SZE
Máté HegyhátiScheduling with eS-graphs2020-05-31SZE
Máté HegyhátiEfficient S-graph framework implementation2020-05-31SZE
Balázs HorváthEffect of self-driving vehicles (busses) on public transport2020-05-31SZE
Balázs HorváthLand-use based multimodal traffic model2020-05-31SZE
Orsolya Kegyes-BrassaiRisk Perception of Residents Concerning Earthquake Risk or Multi-hazards Affecting an Urban Areas2020-04-30SZE
Orsolya Kegyes-BrassaiValidating Visual Screening Methods Based on Numerical Evaluation of Seismic Resistance of Buildings2020-04-30SZE
Orsolya Kegyes-BrassaiEvaluating the Contribution of Local Site Effects to the Seismic Risk of an Urban Area2020-04-30SZE
Orsolya Kegyes-BrassaiMethods to Assess Economic, Environmental, and Social Impact of Construction Sites – Enhancing Green Construction2020-04-30SZE
Orsolya Kegyes-BrassaiEarthquake Hazard and Risk Assessment of Urban Areas2020-05-31SZE
Edina KochTunnel Construction Influence on surface settlement and nearby structures2020-05-31SZE
László Kóczy T.Modeling and algorithms using intelligent systems (fuzzy, evolutionary and neural networks)2020-05-31SZE
Csaba KorenAutonomous vehicles in urban setting2020-05-31SZE
Csaba KorenImpacts of automated vehicles on geometric design of roads2020-05-31SZE
Csaba KorenImpacts of automated vehicles on requirements to conventional traffic engineering equipment along roads2020-05-31SZE
Gábor LencsePerformance Analysis of IPv6 Transition Technologies2020-05-31SZE
Majid Movahedi RadApplication of topology optimization in structural engineering2020-04-30SZE
Majid Movahedi RadMicro-mechanical investigation of granular materials using Discrete Element Method (DEM)2020-04-30SZE
Ferenc PappBuckling assessment of steel structures at elevated temperature through the overall imperfection method2020-05-31SZE

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