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Current thesis topic proposals of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Doctoral School of Psychology (Cognitive Science)

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Anna BabarczyExperimental pragmatics2024-05-31BME
Anna BabarczyCorpus analysis of the linguistic and pragmatic properties of narratives in personality disorders and mood disorders2024-05-31BME
Anna BabarczyThe emergence of pragmatic competence2024-05-31BME
Gyula DemeterThe study of cognitive functions of brain injured patients2024-05-31BME
Gyula DemeterFactors affecting prospective memory performance2024-05-31BME
Zsófia Anna GaálMenopause and cognitive aging2024-05-31BME
Károly HercegfiPsychophysiology-based methods in Human-Computer Interaction2024-05-31BME
Károly HercegfiHuman differences in Human-Computer Interaction2024-05-31BME
János György HorváthThe effect of distraction on motor processes2024-05-31BME
Ágota KunWell-being, stress and positive psychology in the workplace2024-05-31BME
Ágnes LukácsExecutive functions in typical and atypical language acquisition2024-05-31BME
Ágnes LukácsStatistical learning and language acquisition.2024-05-31BME
Dezső NémethLanguage comprehension and memory2024-05-31BME
Gergő OrbánReverse engineering the internal models underlying decisions based on human behavioral data2024-05-31BME
Gergő OrbánDeep generative models for understanding hierarchical computations in the visual system2024-05-31BME
Gergő OrbánCompression in human memory: illusions of the memory2024-05-31BME
Gergő OrbánNeural code in the visual system: characterization of population using machine learning2024-05-31BME
Péter PajkossyPupillometric investigation of attentional and memory processes2024-05-31BME
Mihály RacsmányEffective forms of long-term learning2024-05-31BME
Mihály RacsmányMemory impairment in mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and dementia2024-05-31BME
Beatrix SélleiPsychological characteristics behind the performance2024-05-31BME
Beatrix SélleiThe positive psychological shift in the vocational rehabilitation process2024-05-31BME
Brigitta TóthSynchronized Motion Learning in Preschool Children2024-05-31BME
Brigitta TóthStatistical learning in newborns2024-05-31BME
István WinklerThe role of predictability in human communication2024-05-31BME
István WinklerStatistical learning in the auditory modality2024-05-31BME
Márta ZimmerTypical and atypical face processing – mapping of the behavioural and neural background2024-05-31BME
Attila KeresztesInvestigating neurocognitive changes in human memory across the lifespan2024-05-31MTA
Zoltán VidnyánszkyVisual plasticity in amblyopia2024-05-31MTA
Zoltán VidnyánszkyNeural mechanisms of attention and working memory2024-05-31MTA
Béla WeissNeural basis of active vision2024-05-31MTA
István WinklerAuditory scene analysis and memory2024-05-31MTA
István WinklerHigher level Auditory and Memory Processes in Newborn Babies2024-05-31MTA

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