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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Education

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Benő CsapóTechnology-based asessment2018-03-23NI
Benő CsapóAssessment systems: feedback and accountability2018-03-23NI
Csaba CsíkosThe concept of metacognition; metacognition-based development in the classroom.2018-03-23NI
Csaba CsíkosAssessing and fostering the strategic components of mathematical thinking.2018-03-23NI
László KasikAvoidance as a social problem solving style2018-03-23NI
László KasikDevelopment of social problem solving2018-03-23NI
László KasikPossibilities of development of social problem solving2018-03-23NI
András Máté-TóthRecent trends in religious education inside and outside of Europe2018-03-23NI
Gyöngyvér MolnárAssessment and development of thinking skills in technology-based environment2018-03-23NI
Edit Katalin MolnárThe development of teacher knowledge2018-03-23NI
Gyöngyvér MolnárComputer-based assessment2018-03-23NI
Edit Katalin MolnárLearning in higher education2018-03-23NI
Edit Katalin MolnárWritten composition2018-03-23NI
Marianne NikolovClassroom-based research on language learning2018-03-23NI
Marianne NikolovIndividual differences in language learning2018-03-23NI
Marianne NikolovAssessing language proficiency2018-03-23NI
Bettina PikóThe role of protective factors (sport, social support, lifestyle etc.) in school health education2018-03-23NI
János SteklácsDevelopment of reading, reading comprehension skills2018-03-23NI
János SteklácsEye tracking, learning and cognitive development2018-03-23NI

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