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Current thesis topic proposals of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Doctoral School of Education

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Anikó KálmánEngagement in higher education2018-04-24Kazy
Judit KovácsGood practices of bilingual education in Hungary and beyond2018-04-24TÓK
Judit KovácsTheory of early foreign language development. Language acquisition and language learning2018-04-24TÓK
Judit KovácsContent and Language Integrated Learning in education. Theoretical and pedagogical issues of CLIL2018-04-24TÓK
Judit KovácsAge-relevant language pedagogy: methods and approaches2018-04-24TÓK
Katalin Brózik-PinielLanguage anxiety2018-04-24BTK
Katalin Brózik-PinielEnsuring quality in the quantitative measurement of individual differences in language learning2018-04-24BTK
Katalin Brózik-PinielIndividual differences in language learning2018-04-24BTK
Katalin Brózik-PinielThe role of emotions in language learning2018-04-24BTK
Katalin Brózik-PinielIndividual differences and dynamic systems2018-04-24BTK
Kata CsizérMotivation2018-04-24BTK
Kata CsizérResearch into attitudes2018-04-24BTK
Kata CsizérGroup dynamics2018-04-24BTK
Kata CsizérQuantitative language pedagogy research2018-04-24BTK
Pál HeltaiLexical issues in translation2018-04-24BTK
Dorottya HollóThe integration of culture and language teaching2018-04-24BTK
Dorottya HollóContent analysis of language teaching and teacher education programmes2018-04-24BTK
Dorottya HollóThe role of culture in langauge teaching2018-04-24BTK
Dorottya HollóIntercultural communication2018-04-24BTK
Éva IllésTheoretical research in language pedagogy2018-04-24BTK
Éva IllésEnglish as a lingua franca (ELF): research and pedagogic application2018-04-24BTK
Éva IllésPragmatics in language teaching theory and practice2018-04-24BTK
Éva IllésThe role of language teacher in pedagogical research and classroom practice2018-04-24BTK
Krisztina KárolyESP research2018-04-24BTK
Krisztina KárolyTranslation Studies2018-04-24BTK
Krisztina KárolyDiscourse analysis2018-04-24BTK
Krisztina KárolyResearching EFL writing2018-04-24BTK
Zsuzsa KurtánLanguage education for specific purposes2018-04-24BTK
Zsuzsa KurtánDiscipline-specific languag education2018-04-24BTK
Ildikó LázárCooperative learning, group dynamics and teachers' roles2018-04-24BTK
Ildikó LázárLanguage teacher education, teacher education programs2018-04-24BTK
Ildikó LázárDeveloping intercultural competence2018-04-24BTK
Ildikó LázárThe assessment of learning and assessment as learning2018-04-24BTK
Éva MajorEducational Policy2018-04-24BTK
Éva MajorICT in language learning, language teaching and language teacher training2018-04-24BTK
Éva MajorTeacher education2018-04-24BTK
Péter MedgyesApplied linguistic research and course materials development2018-04-24BTK
Péter MedgyesPolitical issues in ELT2018-04-24BTK
Péter MedgyesLanguage planning and the ELT curriculum2018-04-24BTK
Péter MedgyesRecent research on language education in Hungarian contexts2018-04-24BTK
Enikő Németh T.Neo-Gricean and cognitive pragmatic theories2018-04-24BTK
Enikő Németh T.Implicit arguments2018-04-24BTK
Enikő Németh T.Various forms of language use2018-04-24BTK
Enikő Németh T.Speech act theory2018-04-24BTK
Enikő Németh T.Pragmatic connectives2018-04-24BTK
Enikő Németh T.Interaction between grammar and pragmatics2018-04-24BTK
Enikő Németh T.Principles of language use2018-04-24BTK
Marianne NikolovAssessment of and for learning2018-04-24BTK
Marianne NikolovClassroom-based research on language learning and teaching2018-04-24BTK
Enikő ÖvegesLanguage (education) policy in Hungary2018-04-24BTK
Enikő ÖvegesForeign language proficienc exams in Hungarian school education2018-04-24BTK
Enikő ÖvegesLanguage (education) policy in the EU2018-04-24BTK
Enikő ÖvegesDeveloping and implementing foreign language curricula and syllabi2018-04-24BTK
Uwe PohlIntercultural communication2018-04-24BTK
Uwe PohlMentoring2018-04-24BTK
Uwe PohlLanguage pedagogy - methodology2018-04-24BTK
Margit SzesztayThe teacher as facilitator2018-04-24BTK
Margit SzesztayExploring the language learner group processes - Research in group dynamics2018-04-24BTK
Gyula TankóTeaching and assessing synthesising skills2018-04-24BTK
Gyula TankóWritten discourse analysis2018-04-24BTK
Gyula TankóTeaching and assessing summarisation skills2018-04-24BTK
Gyula TankóGenre Analysis2018-04-24BTK
Gyula TankóTeaching and assessing EGP and ESP writing skills2018-04-24BTK

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