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Current thesis topic proposals of Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest, Roska Tamás Doctoral School of Sciences and Technology

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Péter Szolgay
Vamsi Kiran Adhikarla
Perceptually-aware Immersive Content capture, processing and display2020-09-30PPCU
Csaba BenedekMobile 3D environment perception with a geospatial database background2020-09-30PPKE
György CsabaNanodevices for computationally hard problems2020-09-30PPKE
György CsereySpatial-temporal motion analysis based neuromorphic robot-control2020-09-30PPKE
Attila Csikász-NagyDynamical modelling of biological regulatory networks2020-09-30PPKE
Árpád CsurgayNano-photonics, modeling bio-nano phenomena2020-09-30PPKE
Tamás GarayTumor biology, cell biology2020-09-30PPKE
András HorváthDevice level solution of optimization problems2020-09-30PPKE
András Horváth
György Csaba
Application of Non-Boolean Devices in Neural Networks2020-09-30PPKE
Kristóf Iván
György Karmos
Lab-on-a-chip bionic interfaces, brain electrodes2020-09-30PPKE
Géza KolumbánSoftware defined electronics and virtual instruments2020-09-30PPKE
Géza KolumbánNonlinear dynamics of and chaos in phase-locked loops2020-09-30PPKE
Sándor PongorBioinformatics, proteomics2020-09-30PPKE
Gábor PrószékyMachine translation2020-09-30PPKE
Gábor PrószékyHuman language technologies, artificial understanding2020-09-30PPKE
Zsolt SzabóMetasurface based antennas for 5G systems2020-09-30PPKE
Zsolt SzabóFunctional metasurfaces for antibiotic sensing in fluids2020-09-30PPKE
Péter Szolgay
Zoltán Nagy
Virtual cellular machines, kiloprocessor chips, cellular wave computers2020-09-30PPKE
Péter Szolgay
Kálmán Tornai
Sensor data based object recognition with machine learning2020-09-30PPKE
Franciska Vidáné dr. ErdőInvestigation of membrane transporter interactions in rodents using microdialysis techniques (The effect of aging, dermal transporters, BCRP at the blood-brain barrier)2020-09-30PPKE
Ákos ZarándyMachine vision and learning2020-09-30PPKE
Ákos Zarándy
Zoltán Nagy
Algorithms and processes on thousand core computers2020-09-30PPKE
Ákos ZarándyResearch of data fusion algoritms for autonomous vehicle control2020-09-30PPKE

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