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Current thesis topic proposals of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Kálmán Kandó Doctoral School of Transportation and Vehicle Engineering

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Károly Tamás BenedaNovel control methods for micro turbojet engines2018-04-12VRHT
István VargaAnalysis of the impact of autonomous road vehicles considering both traffic engineering and control engineering aspects2018-03-29KJIT
Krisztián BónaErgonomic lot sizing for material handling systems: based on integration of relaxation allowance, metabolic cost and maximum endurance time2018-04-12ALRT
Tamás SzirányiVision systems of autonomous vehicles: Event and scene analysis and recognition2018-05-12ALRT
Tamás SzirányiSensor fusion and evaluation in networked sensor systems (for autonomous driving)2018-05-12ALRT
Tamás Szirányi3D semantic models in the 3D camera/Lidar image synthesis for autonomous driving and scene understanding systems2018-05-12ALRT
Csaba CsiszárSmart City - Smart Transportation: analysis and modelling in system and process oriented approach in order to increase the efficiency and sustainability2018-01-31KUKG
Szabolcs DulebaExamining the transport development preferences of different stakeholder groups by multi-criteria (MCDM) methods.2018-02-04KUKG
Domokos Esztergár-KissDeveloping the activity chain optimization framework with utility functions considering autonomous vehicles2018-04-24KUKG
Ferenc MészárosIdentifying complex criteria for access control of urban transport in environmental point of view2018-05-30KUKG
Ferenc MészárosSetting conditions of mobility based pricing in road transportation2018-02-02KUKG
Árpád TörökModeling unexpected and extended reduction of operability of transportation networks2018-04-10KUKG

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