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Current thesis topic proposals of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Géza Pattantyús-Ábrahám Doctoral School of Mechanical Engineering

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Ákos BereczkyCombustion process of alternative fuels utilisation in internal combustion engines2019-10-12EGR
Tamás FülöpMechanical applications of irreversible thermodynamics2019-10-12EGR
Gyula GrófLow Carbon Power Generation2019-10-12EGR
Gyula GrófApplication of Nanofluids in Solar Systems2019-10-12EGR
Attila ImreTheoretical study of working fluids used in Organic Rankine Cycles and in similar processes2019-10-12EGR
Ferenc LezsovitsConcentrated Solar Collector Operation and Energy Storage Modelling and Improvement2019-10-12EGR
Pál SzentannaiModeling gas-solid fluidized beds of energy industrial relevance2019-10-12EGR
Krisztián SztankóAnalysis and design of an optimized Rankine cycle for low temperature source based power generation2019-10-12EGR
László HégelyOptimization of special batch distillation methods2019-10-04EPGET
László HégelyMulti-objective optimization of batch distillation methods2019-10-04EPGET
Miklós HorváthComplex analysis of energy demand and renewable based energy production connected to buildings2019-10-12EPGET
Péter LángReduction of the energy demand and optimisation of distillation processes and configurations2019-10-04EPGET
Péter LángReduction of carbon dioxide emission by absorption2019-10-04EPGET
Tibor PoósThermal and Kinematic Study for the Fluidized Bed Drying2019-10-04EPGET
Gergely CzélMulti-functionality of pseudo-ductile, high-performance, polymer matrix hybrid composites2019-10-12PT
József Gábor KovácsRecycling of high molecular weight thermoplastic materials2019-10-12PT
Miklós BaloghNumerical Simulation of Stratified Atmospheric Boundary Layers2019-10-12ÁT
Kornél TamásModelling Soil-Tool Interaction with Discrete Element Method in Field Conditions2019-10-12GT3
Csaba HősTransport Phenomena and Emergency Response Strategies in Water Distribution Systems2019-10-08HDR
Csaba HősPredicting Pipeline and Valve Dynamics in the case of Multicomponent Flow2019-10-08HDR
István NémethMaintenance planning of manufacturing systems2019-10-12GTT
Márton TakácsMicro machinability of high performance materials2019-10-12GTT

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