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Current thesis topic proposals of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Doctoral School of Physics

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István BányászDesign, fabrication and characterization of integrated optical elements and circuits for telecommunication and optical biosensors using ion beam techniques2018-05-31BME
Attila BarócsiInvestigation of laser ranging and direction finding based intelligent measurement and display systems2018-05-31BME
Tamás BörzsönyiFlow of granular materials of complex grain shapes2018-05-31BME
Szabolcs CzifrusInvestigation of natural circulation reactor transients using multiphysics models2018-05-31BME
Péter DomokosCold atoms trapped in optical resonators2018-05-31BME
Balázs DóraDynamical phenomena in quantum systems2018-05-31BME
Ádám GaliInvestigation of solid state quantum bits by means of density functional theory methods2018-05-31BME
Ádám GaliApplication of optically detected magnetic resonance spectrometer in a confocal microscope in the study of solid-state quantum bits2018-05-31BME
András HalbritterVoltage-controlled manipulation of the resistance state in single-molecule nanowires2018-05-31BME
András HalbritterCurrent induced resistive switching in single-atom metallic nanowires2018-05-31BME
György KárolyiBehavior of random filamentary networks2018-05-31BME
István Kézsmárki
Beáta Vértessy G.
Tracing the formation of malaria pigment crystals in vitro by various physical methods2018-05-31BME
Márton KormosNon-equilibrium dynamics in low dimensional quantum systems2018-05-31BME
Péter MakkInvestigation of nanocircuits using high frequency techniques2018-05-31BME
Péter MakkInvestigation of 2D nano-circuits2018-05-31BME
Géza MárkLocal- and global effects influencing the electronic dynamics in two dimensional materials2018-05-31BME
Géza MárkMultiscale modeling of the optical properties of butterfly wings2018-05-31BME
Péter Nemes-InczeInvestigation of 2D topological electron systems using scanning tunneling microscopy2018-05-31BME
Géza ÓdorInvestigation of disorder effects in network models2018-05-31BME
Krisztián PalotásScanning tunneling microscopy of complex magnetic textures2018-05-31BME
András PályiTopology in quantum computing2018-05-31BME
András PályiProgramming a quantum computer2018-05-31BME
Tamás PázmándiUse of Monte Carlo simulations in the field of radiation protection and space research2018-05-31BME
Karlo PencTopology in quantum magnetism2018-05-31BME
Gergő PokolInterplay of plasma waves and transport processes in magnetically confined plasmas2018-05-31BME
Gergő PokolSimulation of runaway electron dynamics2018-05-31BME
Ferenc SimonSpin- and charge-dynamics in complex materials2018-05-31BME
Ferenc SimonMagneto-optical spectroscopy on qubit candidate solid state systems2018-05-31BME
László SzunyoghTheoretical study of complex non-collinear magnetic structures2018-05-31BME
László SzunyoghMagnetic and chemical correlations in itinerant magnets2018-05-31BME
Gábor TakácsNon-perturbative dynamics of strongly correlated quantum systems2018-05-31BME
László TemleitnerInterpretation of the total scattering powder diffraction pattern of crystalline materials using computer simulation2018-05-31BME
Csaba TőkeQuantum Monte Carlo simulation of systems in a magnetic field2018-05-31BME
Csaba TőkeTheoretical study of photoluminescence in strongly correlated electron liquids2018-05-31BME
Sándor TóthInvestigations of thermal hydraulics of ALLEGRO fuel assemblies2018-05-31BME
Tibor Tóth KatonaPhotoalignment in three dimensions2018-05-31BME
György VankóFemtosecond spectroscopy of functional molecules2018-05-31BME
Dezső VargaParticle physics detector development and application for muography2018-05-31BME
György WolfPhenomenology of baryon resonances in connection with pion beam experiments at HADES (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany)2018-05-31BME
György WolfDevelopment of a transport model for the study of heavy ion reactions2018-05-31BME
Attila HirnContaminations and selectivity of silicon detector charged particle detectors for space weather and space dosimetry measurements2018-05-31MTA
Attila HirnDeveloping data exploitation techniques for multi-instrument, multi-platform space weather and space dosimetry measurements2018-05-31MTA
Attila HirnDosimetry measurements with thermoluminescent and nuclear track etch detectors in low Earth orbit2018-05-31MTA
Katalin KamarásNear-field infrared spectroscopy on low-dimensional systems2018-05-31MTA
Katalin KamarásInvestigation of photoinduced processes on perovskite/carbon nanostructure hybrid materials2018-05-31MTA
Lajos Gábor KocsisPlasma turbulence in stellarator experiments2018-05-31MTA

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