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Current thesis topic proposals of National University of Public Service, Budapest, Doctoral School of Military Sciences

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Gábor BoldizsárOperational Environment in the 21st century. Connection between Human Environment and Military Force in the future operations2018-06-30DSMS
Gábor BoldizsárMilitary Tasks of state-building, particulary in Security, Administrative and –Economic Area2018-06-30DSMS
Tibor Farkas
András Tóth
New trends and challenges of communication and information system support of joint operations in multinational environment2018-06-30DSMS
Károly Fekete
András Tóth
Network Enabled Capability support in centric warfare in NATO Operations2018-06-30DSMS
Zoltán JobbágyTheory and practice of Allied Joint Operations. The Hungarian contribution to NATO article 5 and non-article 5 crisis response operations2018-06-30DSMS
Zoltán JobbágyPlace and Role of the Hungarian Defence Forces in Allied Joint Operations2018-06-30DSMS
Zoltán JobbágyTheory and Practice of Allied Joint Operations2018-06-30DSMS
Ferenc KaiserThe Theory and Practice of Naval Warfare2018-06-30DSMS
Ferenc KaiserMission and tasks of Navy in multi-national joint operations2018-06-30DSMS
László Kovács
Tibor Kovács
Challenges of engineer support in the 21st century, with special focus ont he Hungarian Defence Forces2018-06-30DSMS
László KovácsAll-source Intelligence2018-06-30DSMS
Zoltán KrajncAir Forces in Military and Peace Support Operations2018-06-30DSMS
Zoltán KrajncMain Issue of Air/Land Integration: Coordination of Air and Land Operations in Modern Warfare2018-06-30DSMS
László LakatosThe National Defense System and Defence Management2018-06-30DSMS
József PadányiTheory and Practice of Peace Support Operations with respect to engineering support2018-06-30DSMS
Kecskeméthy Klára SiposnéGeography and Crisis2018-06-30DSMS
Kecskeméthy Klára SiposnéDefence Geography of Regional Zones2018-06-30DSMS
László UjházyNGOs and Defence Management2018-06-30DSMS
Ferenc GazdagTheoretical and Practical Issues of Security Policy2018-06-30HDI
Ferenc KaiserGlobal Security Risks2018-06-30HDI
László Kiss ZoltánThe Hungarian CIMIC’s and PSYOPS’s Capacity Building and Operational Requirements2018-06-30HDI
Erzsébet N. RózsaRegional Security (Middle East)2018-06-30HDI
Péter TálasSecurity Policy and Terrorism2018-06-30HDI
Lóránd UjháziThe Vatican’s Diplomacy in Relation with War and Crisis Management.2018-06-30HDI
Lóránd UjháziThe Theory of War in Religions and in Holy Scripts2018-06-30HDI
László UjházyLeadership Aspects of Crisis Response Operations2018-06-30HDI

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