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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Kaposvár, Doctoral School of Management and Organizational Science

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Imre NagyThe material flows and waste management relations of the urban environment as an example of Kamerun (Namibia, Kazahstan)2018-06-10FECDR
Szilárd PodruzsikEfficiency of public subsidies2018-06-10GTKPT
Gergely TóthMeasuring corporate sustainability and new business models2018-06-10GTKPT
Szilárd BerkeSustainable leadership: new directions in company leadership and their practical realization2018-06-10GTKAT
Szilárd BerkeStudy on value-creating marketing and management processes in family businesses2018-06-10GTKAT
Ferenc CsimaAnalysis of raw material supply chain in the sugar sector2018-06-10GTKAT
Ferenc CsimaEffects of quota system abolisment in the sugar verticum2018-06-10GTKAT
Ferenc CsimaAnalysis of raw material supply chain in the sugar sector2018-06-10GTKAT
Ferenc CsimaPossibilities of biogas sludge use in the agriculture and evaluation of its economical effects2018-06-10GTKAT
Imre NagyEnvironmental implications of regional development of one of the region in Kazakhstan (or Angola, Cameroon or other countries)2018-06-10FESDR
Ferenc Szávai3. Some Questions of Economic Security (Sale, Supply, Social and Value Security)2018-06-10GTKIT
Ferenc SzávaiActors of Modern History of Economics in International Economic Space2018-06-10GTKIT

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