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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Geosciences

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Lajos Boros
Judit Timár
Everyday practices of adaption and resistance to peripheralisation at household scale2018-12-15SZTE
Tamás Mátyás GálModeling of hydrological effects of extreme precipitation events in urban areas2018-12-15SZTE
Tamás Mátyás GálEvaluation of the effect of climate change on urban areas2018-12-15SZTE
Tímea KissAccelerated geomorphological processes by human impact2018-12-15SZTE
Tímea Kiss
György Sipos
Human impacts on rivers2018-12-15SZTE
Zoltán KovácsChallenges of sustainable urban development2018-12-15SZTE
Ferenc Kovács
Zalán Tobak
Geographic applications of remote sensing and GIS techniques in the urban environment2018-12-15SZTE
Zoltán Kovács
Erika Nagy
Production of core-periphery relations through the social nexuses of economic agents settled in backward regions2018-12-15SZTE
Tivadar M. TóthFractured fluid (hydrocarbon, geothermal) reservoirs2018-12-15SZTE
László Mucsi
Boudewijn Van Leeuwen
Geological mapping of inaccessible areas using GIS and Remote Sensing2018-12-15SZTE
Viktor PálSocial geographical analysis of the relationship between spatial processes and tourism products2018-12-15SZTE
Félix SchubertDiagenesis of carbonate and siliciclastic sedimentary rocks2018-12-15SZTE
Péter SzilassiGeographical analyses of the cultural ecosystem services2018-12-15SZTE
Péter SzilassiLandscape ecological background of the invasive species spreading2018-12-15SZTE
Péter SzilassiLandscape pattern and it's connection with the landscape ecological parameters2018-12-15SZTE
János Unger
Rita Pongrácz
Intra-urban thermal differences and their causes2018-12-15SZTE
Boudewijn Van Leeuwen
Zalán Tobak
Integration of local and global spatial data infrastructures2018-12-15SZTE

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