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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Biology

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Gábor GalibaApplication of LED lighting in Plant Breeding: Effect of light intensity and spectral composition on plant metabolism, stress tolerance and yield quality2021-09-01ATK
István Andó
Gyöngyi Ilona Cinege
Horizontal gene-transfer in innate immunity2021-09-01SZBK
Gábor Balogh
Mária Péter
Lipidmetabolism in tumour development2021-09-01SZBK
Attila Borics
László Galgóczy
Investigation of the structure and molecular interactions of cystein-rich antifungal proteins2021-09-01SZBK
Attila BoricsInvestigation of the mechanism of function of G protein-coupled transmembrane receptors in atomic detail2021-09-01SZBK
Péter BurkovicsExamination of the replication of G-quadruplex prone DNA regions2021-09-01SZBK
Mária Anna Deli
Fruzsina Walter
Investigations on the surface glycocalyx at the blood-brain barrier in healthy and disease conditions2021-09-01SZBK
Miklós ErdélyiIdentification genes involved in germ cell development in Drosophila melanogaster2021-09-01SZBK
Elek Attila Farkas
István Krizbai
Role of endothelial precursor cells in the regeneration of brain microvessels2021-09-01SZBK
Péter GalajdaStudying the effect of the microenvironment on single cells and populations using microfluidic devices2021-09-01SZBK
Péter GalajdaStudying aging and phenotypic heterogeneity of bacteria using holographic optical tweezers2021-09-01SZBK
János GyörgyeyStructural and functional modelling of LOB-domai transcription factors in Brachypodium2021-09-01SZBK
Lajos HaracskaStudying genes that have a role in maintaining genome stability via Crisper/Cas9 and RNA-interference-based gene silencing2021-09-01SZBK
Lajos HaracskaBioinformatic developments for the analysis of next-generation sequencing data2021-09-01SZBK
Lajos HaracskaDrug development via the identification of small molecule inhibitors of mutagenesis and carcinogenesis2021-09-01SZBK
Lajos HaracskaMolecular analysis of carcinogenesis and mutagenesis2021-09-01SZBK
Lajos HaracskaNext-generation DNA and RNA sequencing and their employment in the molecular diagnostics of diseases2021-09-01SZBK
Lajos HaracskaStudying DNA repair2021-09-01SZBK
Ferenc JankovicsFunctional analysis of the small ovary (sov) gene in Drosophila2021-09-01SZBK
Gábor (ELTE ASFT) JuhászAnalysis of autophagy and endocytosis2021-09-01SZBK
Péter KalóGenetic dissection of symbiotic nitrogen fixation2021-09-01SZBK
Attila KeresztInvestigation of nodule-specific peptides in Medicago-Sinorhizobium symbiosis2021-09-01SZBK
Attila KeresztIdentification of friend or foe during the invasion of symbiotic nodule cells2021-09-01SZBK
Attila KeresztGene-for-gene interactions in the Medicago truncatula-Sinorhizobium meliloti symbiosis2021-09-01SZBK
Bálint KintsesDevelopment bacteriophage-based antimicrobial strategies with the tools of synthetic biology and bioinformatics2021-09-01SZBK
István KrizbaiRole of the neurovascular unit in inflammatory processes of the central nervous system2021-09-01SZBK
István KrizbaiRole of the neurovascular unit in brain metastasis formation2021-09-01SZBK
Judit Éva Kurucz
István Andó
Innate immunity - The cell-mediated immunity of Drosophila2021-09-01SZBK
Zoltán LipinszkiDissecting the mitotic role of PP2A-like protein phosphatases in fruit flies2021-09-01SZBK
Zoltán MagyarInvestigating the function of the conserved MARKED-BOX domain of the activator type E2F transcription factors during gametogenesis in Arabidopsis2021-09-01SZBK
László NagyFunctional and comparative genomics of biotechnologically important fungal traits2021-09-01SZBK
László Szilák
Bettina Ughy
Studying bioactive peptides2021-09-01SZBK
Szilvia Zita TóthMetabolomics of hydrogen and electricity production by green algae2021-09-01SZBK
Szilvia Zita TóthEnhancing the hydrogen production efficiency of green algae by molecular biology methods and process engineering2021-09-01SZBK
Bettina Ughy
László Szilák
Studying bioactive peptides in photosynthetic organisms2021-09-01SZBK
Bettina UghyEnvironmental adaptation of microalgae2021-09-01SZBK
Bettina UghyControl of cyanobacterial cell division2021-09-01SZBK
Szilvia VeszelkaExamination of nanoparticles on cell culture models of the blood-brain barrier2021-09-01SZBK
András Viczián
Dániel Silhavy
Operation of plant quality control systems and the light regulation in plants2021-09-01SZBK
Péter VilmosExploration of the nuclear function of the actin-binding Moesin protein2021-09-01SZBK
Imola WilhelmPericytes in the center stage of neurovascular functions2021-09-01SZBK
Imola WilhelmRole of the blood-brain barrier and cerebral microenvironment in the formation of metastases of the central nervous system2021-09-01SZBK
Mária BagyánszkiGut region-dependent histological, ultrastructural and molecular investigation of the enteric nervous system in diabetic animal models2021-09-01SzTE
Zsolt BereczkiComparative investigation of subadult remains from past human populations2021-09-01SzTE
Zsolt BereczkiDifferential diagnostics of osteoarcheological lesions2021-09-01SzTE
Zsolt BereczkiInvestigation of cranial modification techniques in human bioarcheological samples2021-09-01SzTE
László Bodai
Nóra Zsindely
Molecular baskground of protein misfolding associated neurodegeneration2021-09-01SzTE
Nikolett BódiRegion-dependent histological and molecular damage in the gut wall affecting the intestinal neuro-immune interactions in the streptozotocin diabetic rats2021-09-01SzTE
Mónika Csontné KiricsiEffect of nanoparticles on the cells of the tumor microenvironment2021-09-01SzTE
Mónika Csontné KiricsiAMP-activated protein kinase: its regulatory role in metabolic adaptation2021-09-01SzTE
Attila GácserInvestigation of the virulence and the pathogenesis of the human pathogenic Candida species2021-09-01SzTE
Márta Gálfi
Krisztián Sepp
Examination of equilibrium systems of biological matter forms2021-09-01SzTE
László GalgóczyInvestigation of antifungal protein targets for new therapeutic approaches2021-09-01SzTE
Andrea HegyiComparative analysis of developmental disorders in the cemeteries of the Southern Great Plain2021-09-01SzTE
Tamás Kovács
Gábor Rákhely
Bacteriophage therapy against Xanthomonas plant pathogens2021-09-01SzTE
László Kozma-BognárAnalysis of Antimicrobial Peptide – Induced Transcript and Protein Patterns in Wild-Type and Innate Immunity Mutant Arabidopsis Plant Model2021-09-01SzTE
László Kozma-BognárIdentification and functional analysis of novel circadian clock mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana2021-09-01SzTE
László Magor LőrinczRole of basal ganglia circuits in absence epilepsy2021-09-01SzTE
Gábor Lőrinczi
István Elek Maák
Seasonal and geographical diversity of competitive relationships among ant species2021-09-01SzTE
Jolán Mainé CsiszárInvestigation of redox-processes and their regulation in stress responses of Arabidopsis and tomato roots2021-09-01SZTE
Erika MolnárOccurrence of malignant tumors in historical populations2021-09-01SzTE
Erika MolnárDifferential diagnostics of osteoarcheological lesions2021-09-01SzTE
György PálfiThe paleopathology and paleoepidemiology of specific infectious diseases2021-09-01SzTE
György PálfiThe paleopathology of tuberculosis2021-09-01SzTE
György PálfiDifferential diagnostics of osteoarcheological lesions and bioarchaeological reconstruction2021-09-01SzTE
Tamás Papp
Gábor Nagy
Studies on opportunistic pathogenic fungi2021-09-01SzTE
Péter PoórInvestigation of the role of light and key defence hormones in resistance of tomato plants against microbial pathogens2021-09-01SzTE
Rita SinkaThe role of microtubule organization a specialized protein degradation in the organelle changes of the germline2021-09-01SzTE
Viktor Szegedi
Karri Lamsa
Histological investigations of supragranular layer basket cells in the human neocortex2021-09-01SzTE
Gábor TamásIn vivo functional assessment of interneurons in human and rodent neocortical microcircuits2021-09-01SzTE
Tibor TörökArchaeogenetic characterization of the Sarmatian period populations of the Carpathian Basin at the whole genome level2021-09-01SzTE
Csaba Vágvölgyi
Tamás Papp
Host-pathogen interactions of opportunistic pathogenic filamentous fungi2021-09-01SzTE
Csaba Vágvölgyi
György Sipos
Studies on the interactions of aggressive Armillaria species with host plants and potential biocontrol agents2021-09-01SzTE
Csaba Vágvölgyi
Miklós Takó
Identification and characterization of new biotechnologically important microbial exoenzymes2021-09-01SzTE
Ernő ZádorSkeletal muscle differentiation and adaptation2021-09-01SzTE

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