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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Biology

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Zsolt BereczkiInvestigation of cranial modification techniques in human bioarcheological samples2018-09-26SzTE
Zsolt BereczkiComparative investigation of subadult remains from past human populations2018-09-26SzTE
László BodaiInvestigations into the molecular background of proteopathy2018-09-26SzTE
Nikolett BódiRegion-dependent histological and molecular damage in the gut wall affecting the intestinal neuro-immune interactions in the streptozotocin diabetic rats2018-09-26SzTE
Mónika Csontné KiricsiNanoparticles in tumor therapy2018-09-26SzTE
Péter DeákFunctional analysis of deubiquitylases in Drosophila melanogaster2018-09-30SzTE
Zoltán DeimEffect of food component on the association between peripheral leucocyte telomere length and biological aging2018-09-26SZTE
Attila GácserInvestigation of the virulence and the pathogenesis of the human pathogenic Candida species2018-09-26SzTE
Attila GácserDevelopment of molecular tools for investigation of virulence and pathogenesis of human fungal pathogens2018-09-26SzTE
Katalin GémesImproving plant regeneration through the manipulation of polyamine metabolism2018-09-26SzTE
Károly GulyaPheno- and genotyping of microglial cells in vivo and in vitro2018-09-30SzTE
Zsuzsanna HamariRevealing of the first eukaryotic nicotinic acid catabolic pathway in Aspergillus nidulans2018-09-26SzTE
Zsuzsanna HamariStudy of High-mobility group box(HMGB) proteins in Aspergillus nidulans2018-09-26SzTE
Edit HermeszOxidative stress induced defense systems in newborns2018-09-26SzTE
Krisztina Kupaiardio-protective role of Sigma receptors in diabetes mellitus diseased animal model2018-09-26SzTE
László Magor LőrinczRole of identified serotonergic and GABAergic neurons in brain state dependent activity2018-09-26SzTE
László Magor LőrinczRole of identified cortical and thalamic neurons in absence epilepsy2018-09-26SzTE
Jolán Mainé CsiszárInvestigation of oxidative stress and redox homeostasis in roots of Arabidopsis and tomato plants2018-09-26SzTE
Erika MolnárOccurrence of malignant tumors in historical populations2018-09-26SzTE
Gábor MolnárBiophysical and ultrastructural features of human cortical neurons2018-09-26SzTE
György PálfiThe paleopathology of tuberculosis2018-09-26SzTE
György PálfiDifferential diagnostics of osteoarcheological lesions2018-09-26SzTE
György Pálfi
András Szekeres
Paleomicrobial investigations in bioarcheological series2018-09-26SzTE
György PálfiThe paleopathology and paleoepidemiology of specific infectious diseases2018-09-26SzTE
Ildikó PapAnthropological and paleopathological investigation of mummified human remains2018-09-26SzTE
Tamás Papp
Gábor Nagy
Studies on opportunistic pathogenic fungi2018-09-26SzTE
Zsolt PénzesDiversity patterns of fragmented landscapes2018-09-26SzTE
Péter Poór
Attila Ördög
Fine-tuning of plant defence in the dark: the role of phytohormones2018-09-26SzTE
Anikó Pósa
Renáta Szabó
Cardiovascular effects of the modulation of the endocannabinoid system in rat models2018-09-26SzTE
Gábor Rákhely
Krisztián Laczi
Anaerob bioconversion of hydrocarbon pollutants2018-09-26SzTE
Rita Sinka
Zoltán Lipinszki
Testis specific protein degradation in Drosophila melanogaster2018-09-26SZTE
Ágnes SzepesiComparison of salt tolerance mechanisms in Hungarian salt tolerant plants2018-09-26SzTE
László Szilák
Bettina Ughy
The secret life of syndecans2018-09-26SzTE
Miklós Takó
Erika Kerekes
Enrichment and testing of bioactive natural compounds in food commodities2018-09-26SzTE
Miklós Takó
Alexandra Kotogán
Investigation of industrially important biosynthetic reactions catalyzed by fungal hydrolases2018-09-26SzTE
Miklós Takó
Csaba Vágvölgyi
Identification and characterization of new biotechnologically important microbial exoenzymes2018-09-26SzTE
András Tóth
Gábor Rákhely
Investigation of structural and catalytic properties of sulfide oxidase enzymes2018-09-26SzTE
Csaba Vágvölgyi
György Sipos
Studies on the interactions of aggressive Armillaria species with host plants and potential biocontrol agents2018-09-26SzTE
Csaba Vágvölgyi
Tamás Papp
Host-pathogen interactions of opportunistic pathogenic filamentous fungi2018-09-26SzTE
László VécseiThe kynurenine system in neurological disorders2018-09-26SzTE
Ernő ZádorSkeletal muscle differentiation and adaptation2018-09-26SzTE
István Andó
Gyöngyi Ilona Cinege
Gene expression profile analysis of the blood cell dvelopment and cell mediated immunity in Drosophila model organism2018-09-26SZBK
Gábor BaloghLipids in tumour development2018-09-26SZBK
Attila BoricsInvestigation of the mechanism of function of G protein-coupled transmembrane receptors in atomic details2018-09-26SZBK
Attila Borics
László Galgóczy
Investigation of the structure and molecular interactions of cystein-rich antifungal proteins2018-09-26SZBK
Mária Anna Deli
Alexandra Bocsik
Strategies to increase drug delivery: investigations on epithelial cell based models2018-09-26SzBK
Mária Anna Deli
Zsófia Hoyk
Analysis of blood-brain barrier characteristics in inflammatory conditions using animal models and endothelial cell cultures2018-09-26SzBK
Miklós ErdélyiIdentification genes involved in germ cell development in Drosophila melanogaster2018-09-30SZBK
Elek Attila FarkasTranscriptional regulatory network of claudins2018-09-26SZBK
Elek Attila Farkas
István Krizbai
In vivo study of the neurovascular unit using two-photon microscopy2018-09-26SZBK
Tamás FehérInvestigating environmental and human microbiomes to develop novel strategies of antibiotic therapy2018-09-26SZBK
Györgyi Ferenc
Dénes Dudits
Péter GalajdaStudying aging and phenotypic heterogeneity of bacteria using holographic optical tweezers2018-09-26SZBK
Péter GalajdaStudying the effect of the microenvironment on single cells and populations using microfluidic devices2018-09-26SZBK
László GalgóczyRole and significance of the γ-core motif on the activity, selectivity, folding and structural stability of cysteine-rich antifungal proteins secreted by Neosartorya fisc2018-09-26SZBK
Lajos HaracskaStudying genes that have a role in maintaining genome stability via Crisper/Cas9 and RNA-interference-based gene silencing2018-09-26SZBK
Lajos HaracskaBioinformatic developments for the analysis of next-generation sequencing data2018-09-26SZBK
Lajos HaracskaMolecular analysis of carcinogenesis and mutagenesis2018-09-26SZBK
Lajos HaracskaNext-generation DNA and RNA sequencing and their employment in the molecular diagnostics of diseases2018-09-26SZBK
Gábor (ELTE ASFT) JuhászAnalysis of autophagic degradation2018-09-26SZBK
Attila KeresztGene-for-gene interactions in the medicago truncatula-sinorhizobium meliloti symbiosis2018-09-26SZBK
Attila KeresztInvestigation of nodule-specific peptides in Medicago-Sinorhizobium symbiosis2018-09-26SZBK
Petar LambrevLight harvesting in cyanobacteria – mechanisms, dynamics and structural factors2018-09-26SZBK
Zoltán LipinszkiDissecting the mitotic role of PP2A-like protein phosphatases in fruit flies2018-09-26SZBK
Gergely MarótiMolecular mechanisms and exploitation possibilities of inter-kingdom algal-bacterial interactions2018-09-26SZBK
Csaba PálInvestigating the relationship between the chemical structure of antibiotics and the emerging resistance mechanisms2018-09-26SZBK
Csaba PálThe investigation of the evolution of antimicrobial peptide resistance and the evolutionary interactions of antimicrobial peptides and antibiotics2018-09-26SzBK
Balázs Papp
Balázs Szappanos
Unveiling the links between metabolic and gene expression evolution2018-09-26SZBK
Melinda PirityIntegrated approach to elucidate the role of PcG protein Rybp in promoting neural lineage commitment of mouse embryonic stem cells2018-09-26SZBK
László Szabados
Laura Zsigmond
Engineering of redox pathways in higher plants to improve environmental stress tolerance2018-09-26SzBK
László SzabadosCross signaling in plants: regulation of proline metabolism by interacting stress and light signals2018-09-26SzBK
Szilvia Zita TóthThe fate of the photosynthetic apparatus upon chloroplast division in green algae2018-09-26SZBK
Bettina UghyControl of cyanobacterial cell division2018-09-26SZBK
Ildikó UnkInvestigation of the regulation of mutagenesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae2018-09-26SZBK
Péter VilmosInvestigation of the nuclear export of an actin-binding protein2018-09-26SZBK
Csaba VizlerInteraction of facultative pathogen fungi and the mammalian immune system2018-09-26SZBK
Imola Wilhelm
István Krizbai
Role of the blood-brain barrier and of the cerebral microenvironment in the formation of metastases of the central nervous system2018-09-26SZBK

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