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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Doctoral School in Economics

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Zoltán BajmócyThe process aspect of local development2020-12-31SZTE
Zoltán BajmócyResponsible research and innovation: towards transformative practices2020-12-31SZTE
Beáta FarkasInternational Political Economics of the Post Socialist Countries2020-12-31SZTE
Gábor Dávid KissUnconventional Monetary Policy and Exchange Rates2020-12-31SZTE
Andreasz KosztopuloszFinancing growth-oriented firms through venture capital2020-12-31SZTE
Árpád KovácsPublic Funds and their Auditing, the role of the Independent Fiscal Institution2020-12-31SZTE
György MálovicsLocal sustainability and social justice, socio-ecological economics and transformation2020-12-31SZTE
György MálovicsThe role of communities, spatial and institutional levels in sustainability and social justice2020-12-31SZTE
Katalin MérőThe European Banking Union – operational and institutional developments2020-12-31SZTE
Katalin MérőDevelopments of bank regulation and its institutional framework in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) on global, European and/or East-Central-European level2020-12-31SZTE
Anita PelleThe economy of the EU and the Eurozone2020-12-31SZTE
Izabella Szakálné KanóUsing spatial statistical and spatial econometric tools in study of an economic or social phenomenon2020-12-31SZTE
Miklós SzanyiForeign direct investments in Central Europe2020-12-31SZTE
Miklós SzanyiDirect state intervention in the economy2020-12-31SZTE
Miklós SzanyiImpacts of globalization on corporate activity2020-12-31SZTE
Éva VoszkaCrisis management by state aid, nationalization and privatization in the European Union and the United States after 20082020-12-31SZTE

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