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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Interdisciplinary Medicine

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Tibor PankotaiDevelopment of new generation serum based tumor diagnostics2020-08-20FOKOR
Tibor PankotaiMapping the connection between DNA repair and tumorigenesis2020-08-20FOKOR
Zsolt BoldogkőiTranscriptional analysis of herpesviruses2020-08-20OBI
Zsolt Boldogkői
Mátyás Mink
Exploration of the mechanism of action of 4-phenylbutyrate (4 PBA) used in the therapy of human collagenopathy assosiated with the type IV collagen gene mutations with th2020-08-20MDBIO
Péter HorváthDeveloping intelligent microscopy systems2020-08-20BRC
Gabriella TerhesInvestigation of epidemiology, pathogenesis and laboratory diagnosis of viral and bacterial infections2020-08-20KMDI
Edit HajdúEvaluation of antibiotic consumption and their influence to antibiotic resistance of bacteria.2020-08-20IN1st
Oguz Kelemen
Edina Kőrösiné Horváth
Measuring of socio-cultural patterns of sexual health2020-08-20MAGPU
Krisztina BuzásInvestigating the role of exosomes in tumor formation - central nervous system implications2020-08-20SZBK
Andrea DomjánImproving neuromuscular efficacy by reactivating the local stabilizers of the cervical and lumbar spine.2020-08-20ETSZK
Attila BalogBiomarkers and cellular activation mechanisms in systemic autoimmune diseases.2020-08-20REUMA
Tamás Várkonyi„Assessment of the decisive factors in the prevention of the development and the progrewion of polyneuropathy in endocrine disorders”2020-08-20Bel.K
Norbert Buzás
Orsolya Papp-Zipernovszky
The role of health behaviour and technology acceptance in the therapy management and therapeutical efficacy of diabetic patients2020-08-20ÁOK
Katalin BuriánEffects of vitamin D in of infectious diseases2020-08-20OMI
Katalin Burián
Gabriella Terhes
Bacterial and viral interactions2020-08-20OMI
Klára MegyeriThe role of cytokines and cell death subroutines in diseases with complex pathogenic mechanism2020-08-20OMI
Gabriella SpenglerThe role of multidrug efflux pumps in the virulence of bacteria2020-08-20OMI
Dezső VirókIn vitro and in vivo identification of anti-chlamydial substances2020-08-20OMI
Regina MolnárSociocultural aspects of acculturation2020-08-20Puhe
László NagymajtényiNanoparticles in the macro- and micro environment: health damaging effects and their prevention2020-08-20PUHE
Edit PaulikNeonatological data of newborns from high risk pregnancy2020-08-20PUHE
Andrea SzabóThe role of environmental xenobiotics and life style in the development of diseases2020-08-20PUHE
Ferenc PetákCharacterization of the changes in the respiratory function in modells of systemic and pulmonary diseases2020-08-20OFOII
Márta Széll
Dóra Nagy
Congenital heart defect2020-08-20OGEN
Mária Barnai
István Kósa
Development of Telerehabilitation Technologies2020-08-20ORFMT
Ferenc Somogyvári
József Sóki
Investigation of antimicrobial resistance mechanisms of clinically important aerobic and anaerobic human pathogenic bacteria2020-08-20BelK.
Tamás VárkonyiApplication of efficient therapy with prevention of weight gain and hypoglycemia in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes.2020-08-20BelK.
Péter TorzsaSurvey of medical students' attitudes towards their vocation2020-08-20CSOI
Zsuzsanna KahánRadiogenic hearth damage and strategies to its avoidance2020-08-20ONCO
Zsuzsanna KahánIndividualized therapy in medical oncology and radiotherapy2020-08-20ONCO
Zsuzsanna KahánTherapeutic sensitivity of cancers2020-08-20ONCO
Éva KeresztyInformal payment in healthcare system2020-08-20IOI
Éva Kereszty
Róbert Sepp
Sudden cardiac death in forensic medicine practice: difficulties in differential diagnostics2020-08-20IOI
Katalin BuriánInvestigation of the effect of mucolytics in infections2020-08-20OMII
Katalin BuriánRole of cytokines and chemokines in chlamydia infections2020-08-20OMMI
Valéria EndrészAtherogen effect of Chlamydia pneumoniae; preventive measures2020-08-20SZTE
András Papp
Tünde Vezér
Investigation of neurobiological and behavioural toxicological effects of heavy metals2020-08-20SZTE
Edit PaulikHeath status, quality of life and health behavior of various populations (youth, chronic patients, etc.)2020-08-20SZTE
Ferenc SomogyváriInvestigation of immune response in sepsis2020-08-20SZTE
Ernő ZádorSkeletal muscle differentiation and adaptation2020-08-20SZTE
Edit NagyBalance rehabilitation and preventive balance trainings2020-08-20FIZIO
Zoltán Baráth
Éva Kereszty
Forensic aspects of oral injuries2020-08-20STOMA
Zsolt Boldogkői
Dóra Tombácz
Analysis of Transcriptional Interference Networks (TINs)2020-08-20MBIO
Zsolt Boldogkői
Dóra Tombácz
Genetic analysis of complex diseases: a: suicide/depression b: type 2 diabetes, obesity2020-08-20MBIO
Oguz KelemenThe role of motivational interviewing in smoking cessation support under 35 years old2020-08-20MAGTU
Ákos CsonkaInhibition of efflux pumps in cancer chemotherapy2020-08-20TRAUM
Ákos CsonkaPrevention and treatment options of surgical site infection2020-08-20TRAUM
Zoltán VargaNew radiotherapy procedures for the treatment of cancer patients2020-08-20ONKO
Zoltán Varga3D printing for radiotherapy2020-08-20ONKO
Sándor András SzabóCauses of Sudden Incapacitation During Flight (In-flight), Countermeasures, Preventive Protocols (Design and Development)2020-08-20ASMF
Györgyi FerencUse of chemically modified oligonucleotides for in site-specific mutagenesis and targeted dna-methylation in vivo2020-08-20NSZL
István SzendiSelective and indicated secondary prevention of psychotic spectrum disorders2020-08-20PSZIC

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