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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Zoltán AignerIncereasing of bioavailability by cyclodextrin complexation and other technological methods2018-06-30SZ
Dezső CsuporSafety assessment of medicina plants and natural products2018-06-30SZ
Péter DoróInvestigation of compliance in different patient groups2018-06-30SZ
Enikő Forró
Ferenc Fülöp
Developmrnt of nature-frendly enzyme-catalysed kinetic resoluion methods for the preparation of pharmaceutically and chemically iimportant enantiomers2018-06-30SZ
Enikő Forró
Ferenc Fülöp
Development of new enzyme-catalysed dinamic kinetic resolution for the preparation of pharmaceutically and chemically important enantiomers2018-06-30SZ
Ferenc Fülöp
István Szatmári
New extentions of the modified Mannich reaction2018-06-30SZ
Ferenc Fülöp
György Szőllősi
Studies on asymmetric catalytic reactions2018-06-30SZ
Zsuzsanna HajdúIsolation of plant origin compounds with antitumor activity2018-06-30SZ
Attila HunyadiStudies on oxidized metabolites of antioxidants2018-06-30SZ
Attila HunyadiStudies on bioactive ecdysteroid derivatives2018-06-30SZ
Attila Hunyadi
Sándor Balázs Ötvös
Preparation of bioactive protoflavone derivatives through selective continuous-flow hydrogenation2018-06-30SZ
Loránd KissSelective synthesis of fluorinated building blocks2018-06-30SZ
Loránd KissTransformation of cyclic beta-amino acids into bioactive natural products through ring-opening/ring-closing metathesis2018-06-30SZ
Sándor Balázs Ötvös
Ferenc Fülöp
Continuous multistep reactions for the sustainable synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients2018-06-30SZ
Sándor Balázs Ötvös
Ferenc Fülöp
Continuous-flow chemistry for novel chemical spaces: Sustainable synthesis of heterocycles2018-06-30SZ
Sándor Balázs Ötvös
Ferenc Fülöp
Continuous-flow oxidations in bi- and triphasic systems using molecular oxygen as green oxidant2018-06-30SZ
Dóra Rédei
Judit Hohmann
Isolation of alkylamides with biological activity2018-06-30SZ
Dóra RédeiChemical and Pharmacological screening of Pannonian forest steppe specialist species2018-06-30SZ
Gyöngyvér Soós
Mária Matuz
Analysis of antimicrobial drug consumption in the hospital care sector. Antibiotic stewardship: measuring the effectiveness of policy interventions2018-06-30SZ
Gyöngyvér Soós
Mária Matuz
Utility comparison of the methods, the primery and secondary databasis in pharmacoepidemiology by the utilisation analysis of the drug groups with public health importa2018-06-30SZ
Gyöngyvér Soós
Ria Benkő
Evaluate the adherence to therapeutic guidelines by drug utilisaton studies2018-06-30SZ
Zsolt SzakonyiStereoselective synthesis of bifunctional terpene derivatives and their application in enantioselective transformations2018-06-30SZ
Zsolt Szakonyi
Sándor Balázs Ötvös
Stereoselective synthesis and transformations of functionalized terpenoids2018-06-30SZ
István SzatmáriSynthesis of enantiopure indol derivatives2018-06-30SZ
Attila Ványolós
Judit Hohmann
Isolation and structure determination of antimicrobial and antiproliferative fungal metabolites2018-06-30SZ
Andrea VasasIsolation and structure determination of biologically active compounds from plants occur in the Carpathian Basin2018-06-30SZ
István ZupkóInvestigation of anticancer properties of naturalproducts and their synthetic analogs2018-06-30SZ

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