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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Literary and Cultural Studies

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Anna KérchyChildren's literature, Young Adult Literature, Fairy-Tale Studies2021-08-073303
Anna KérchyThe Literary Fantastic: from Gothic to Postmodernism; Theories of the Fantastic2021-08-073303
Anna KérchyIntersections of Women's Literature and Arts, Gender Studies, and Body Studies, with a speciel interest in Corporeal Narratology2021-08-073303
Anna KérchyTheories of posthumanism, literary and artistic representations of humanimal relations and metamorphoses2021-08-073303
Anna KérchyIntermedial Cultural Representations and Fantastic Imagination in the Victorian and Postmodern Period2021-08-073303
Irén Annus(Visual culture in the US2021-08-073213
Irén AnnusIdentity Studies in American context2021-08-073213
Róbert PéterDigital humanities (distant reading, stylometry, topic modeling, network and metadata analysis)2021-08-073307
János NagyillésReception of Ancient Culture and Literature2021-08-073105
Róbert PéterBritish-Hungarian relations, 1600-1850. Representations of Hungary and Transylvania in the British press2021-08-07-
Róbert Péter17-18th century British studies (history of ideas; religious, press and cultural history, Enlightenment studies)2021-08-07-
Róbert PéterHistory of secret societies (e.g. Freemasonry)2021-08-07-
Sándor Attila TóthPiarist poets in the 18th century2021-08-07-
Sándor Attila TóthHoratius Reception at 16-18 century2021-08-07-
Florence BoulerieFrench literature and arts of the 18th century2021-08-07PE121
Attila KissLiterature and the semiotics of the subject2021-08-073314
Zoltán DragonNew Media and New Formulations of the Visual2021-08-07PE119
Zoltán DragonVisual Culture in the U.S.: Photography and the Moving Image2021-08-07PE119
Zoltán DragonFilm Adaptation: Intertextual, Dialogic and Transmedial Approaches in English2021-08-07PE119
György Endre SzőnyiEnglish and European Renaissance; literary and cultural theory; cultural history of Western Esotericism; the multimediality of culture.2021-08-073316
György Endre Szőnyi
Attila Kiss
Protomodern and postmodern cultural representations in English language literatures.2021-08-073316
György Endre SzőnyiStudies in early modern intellectual, cultural, and literary history2021-08-073316
György Endre Szőnyi
Attila Kiss
Mediality and semiography: theories of verbal and visual representations with case studies2021-08-073316
Kinga DávidLa letteratura romantica e risorgimentale italiana2021-08-07PE108
Kinga DávidLe zone centrali e limitrofe della letteratura italiana contemporanea2021-08-07PE108
Izabella FüziMoving images in new media2021-08-070144
Izabella FüziEarly cinema as new media2021-08-070144
Izabella FüziNarrativity and intermediality2021-08-070144
Endre HársHistory of German Literary Genres in Early 19th Century2021-08-072326
Vera Farkas-KérchyPerformativity and Theatricality2021-08-071133
Vera Farkas-KérchyDrama and Theatre2021-08-071133
Vera Farkas-KérchyLiterary Theory, Interdisciplinary Perspectives2021-08-071133
Tamás JászayContemporary World Theatre2021-08-071133
Tamás JászayHistories of Hungarian Theatre in the 20th and 21st Century2021-08-071133
Tamás JászayContemporary Drama and Theatre2021-08-071133
Ágnes Zsófia KovácsModernist US travel writing from postcolonial perspectives2021-08-07PE128
Ágnes Zsófia KovácsDiscourses of American modernism2021-08-07PE128
Ágnes Zsófia KovácsThe making of racial, class, and gender identities/histories in contemporary US identity prose2021-08-07PE128
Ágnes Zsófia KovácsDiscourses of American realism2021-08-07PE128
Ágnes Zsófia KovácsAfrican American women writers and the fictional rewriting of US history2021-08-07PE128

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