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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Pécs, Doctoral School of Earth Sciences

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Balázs Levente AlpekThe functional factors and the territorial characteristics of employability2020-08-31FDI
Balázs Levente AlpekLabour market opportunities for disadvantaged groups2020-08-31FDI
Balázs Levente AlpekFenntarthatóság területi kérdései2020-08-31FDI
Tamás BudaiDolomite pulverization in the evolution of the Buda Hills2020-08-31FDI
Tamás BudaiMiddle and Late Eocene sedimentation in the Buda Hills2020-08-31FDI
Tamás BudaiMiddle and Late Eocene sedimentation in the Buda Hills2020-08-31FDI
Szabolcs Ákos FábiánHydrogeomorphic exploration of local headwater streams in low mountainous environment2020-08-31FDI
Szabolcs Ákos FábiánPeriglacial landscape development in the Carpathian Basin2020-08-31FDI
István GeresdiThe role of the surface and the boundary layer in the fog formation2020-08-31FDI
Tibor GondaNetworking and cooperation in tourism: TDM organizations, tourism clusters and thematic routes2020-08-31FDI
Tibor GondaExamination of the relationship between regional development, economical development and the development of tourism2020-08-31FDI
Tibor GondaExamination of the theoretical issues and domestic practice of tourism product development based on natural and cultural heritage2020-08-31FDI
Mária Hámorné VidóPetrology, mineralogy and geochemistry of coal-bearing sequences2020-08-31FDI
Mária Hámorné VidóThe analysis of raw materials value chains on country scale, regional scale and with regard to selected minerals2020-08-31FDI
Mária Hámorné VidóCoal seam correlation of Mecsek Coal Formation with sequence stratigraphy and structural geology2020-08-31FDI
Viktor JágerSedimentology and chemostratigraphy of Lower Cretaceous sedimentary formations of the Mecsek Mts.: Research to detect the effects of the Early Cretaceous volcanism on the2020-08-31FDI
Zsuzsa M. CsászárThe eurasian dimensions of international student mobility2020-08-31FDI
Zsuzsa M. CsászárHigher Education is a Tool of Soft Power2020-08-31FDI
Zsuzsa M. CsászárStudy-Orienteted International Mobility of Higher Education2020-08-31FDI
Miklós Mihály NagyIssues of theory and the history of science associated with military history (strategic geography, geostrategy)2020-08-31FDI
Ervin PirkhofferHydrological modeling based on high resolution GIS survey—on Hungarian streams and lakes2020-08-31FDI
Péter ReményiPolitical geography of the Balkans2020-08-31FDI
Krisztina SebePaleontology of Miocene vertebrate fossils in SW Hungary2020-08-31FDI
Krisztina SebeNeogene evolution of SW Hungary2020-08-31FDI
István SzilágyiThe Political Geography of the Iberian World2020-08-31FDI
István SzilágyiIntegrational and disintegrational processes and society building models2020-08-31FDI
Róbert TésitsRegional issues of the labour market2020-08-31FDI
Róbert TésitsSocio-economic and regional disadvantages and the opportunities for regional convergence2020-08-31FDI
András TrócsányiThe impact of domestic and international migration on the competitiveness of regional centres in Hungary2020-08-31FDI
Gábor VargaGeomorphological development of the southern and southeastern foreground of the Mecsek Hills (Pécs Basin) since the Late Miocene2020-08-31FDI
Gábor VargaGeomorphology of the hilly areas on the example of the Szekszárd Hills2020-08-31FDI
Zoltán VörösChina in the international relations2020-08-31FDI
Ákos JarjabkaNational - Organizational Cultures of the Far - East2020-08-31PTE
Antonio Domingo Lilón20th and 21th centuries Latin America Geopolitics and International Relations2020-08-31PTE
Gábor PirisiThe role of sports in the production of space.2020-08-31PTE
Gábor PirisiThe role of resilience in the development of settlements2020-08-31PTE
Zoltán WilhelmRegional analyses2020-08-31PTE
Zoltán WilhelmStudy of socio-economic changes in South Asia2020-08-31PTE
Zoltán WilhelmStudy of the Asia-Hungary relations2020-08-31PTE
Zoltán WilhelmStudy of environmental problems in South and Southeast Asia2020-08-31PTE

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