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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Pécs, Doctoral School of Earth Sciences

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Adrienne Ortmann-né AjkaiNature conservation, landscape history and landscape ecology issues of floodplains2018-05-25PTE
Norbert PapThe geopolitical role if Islam in East Central Europe2018-05-25PTE
Árpád Ferenc Papp-VáryThe representation of countries and nations in movies and novels, the geopolitical contexts of cultural stereotypes2018-05-25PTE
Zoltán BujdosóThe role of tourism in regional development2018-05-25FDI
Lóránt DávidRole of Tourism in the Regional Development2018-05-25FDI
Endre Ferenc DomonkosGeopolitical challenges of the European Union at the turn of the XXIst century2018-05-25FDI
Endre Ferenc DomonkosEconomic development of East Central Europe between 1918-19452018-05-25FDI
Szabolcs Ákos FábiánHydrogeomorphic exploration of local headwater streams in low mountainous environment2018-05-25FDI
István GeresdiThe role of the surface and the boundary layer in the fog formation2018-05-25FDI
Tibor GondaNetworking and cooperation in tourism: TDM organizations, tourism clusters and thematic routes2018-05-25FDI
László GyörgyThe forms, importance and geostrategic relevance of state involvement and new business models in the development of national enterprises2018-05-25FDI
László GyuriczaThe actual questions of tourism development based on natural characteristics and built heritage in rural areas2018-05-25FDI
László GyuriczaInternational tourism geography2018-05-25FDI
László GyuriczaTourism as a chance for cooperation in the relation system of crossborder areas2018-05-25FDI
Amadé HalászExamination of the hydrogeological environment of the Boda high-level radioactive waste disposal site with regard to the possible effects on the Pellérd and Tortyogó wate2018-05-25FDI
Viktor JágerMagnetite skarn research in Eastern-Mecsek Mts2018-05-25FDI
Viktor JágerExploration of placer gold and its primary host rock in Eastern-Mecsek Mts2018-05-25FDI
István KobolkaA less-well khown branch of Islamic religion in Europe: the Ahmadiyya2018-05-25FDI
István KobolkaGeostrategic and geopolitical situation of Gilgit Baltistan2018-05-25FDI
János KovácsStable isotope geochemical analyses of Quaternary malacofauna2018-05-25FDI
János KovácsMulti-proxy analyses of eolian dust2018-05-25FDI
János KovácsGranulometry of Neogene and Quaternary sediments: implications for sedimentology and paleoenvironmental reconstruction2018-05-25FDI
Dénes Lóczy
József Dezső
Effects and differences of sustainable and conventional land use in the soil in the Pannonian pedoclimatic region2018-05-25FDI
Zsuzsa M. CsászárPolitics of Memory-Geography of Memory2018-05-25FDI
Zsuzsa M. CsászárThe Examination of Spatiality of Higher Education2018-05-25FDI
Zsuzsa M. CsászárEthnical and Religious Geography2018-05-25FDI
Zsuzsa M. CsászárThe Modern Methods of Geography Education2018-05-25FDI
Erzsébet N. RózsaCurrent issues in the Middle East2018-05-25FDI
Árpád Ferenc Papp-VáryFootball as a business – In a geopolitical context2018-05-25FDI
Árpád Ferenc Papp-VáryThe role of creativity in the development of cities, countries and regions2018-05-25FDI
Árpád Ferenc Papp-VáryThe role of city marketing and city branding in the competitiveness of cities2018-05-25FDI
Árpád Ferenc Papp-VáryCompetitive identity: country marketing, country branding2018-05-25FDI
Gábor PirisiSpecial aspects of the production of space in small- and medium sized post-socialist cities2018-05-25FDI
Krisztina SebeGeological data management and processing in a spatial database2018-05-25FDI
Krisztina SebeNeogene stratigraphy of SW Hungary2018-05-25FDI
Krisztina SebePaleontology of Miocene vertebrate fossils in SW Hungary2018-05-25FDI
István SzilágyiIntegrational and disintegrational processes and society building models in the Southern-European area2018-05-25FDI
István SzilágyiGeopolitics and Theory and Practice of the International System2018-05-25FDI
István SzilágyiThe Political Geography of the Iberian World2018-05-25FDI
Róbert TésitsRegional issues of the labour market2018-05-25FDI
Róbert TésitsSocio-economic and regional disadvantages and the opportunities for regional convergence2018-05-25FDI
Ágnes TukaChallenges for the European Union2018-05-25FDI

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