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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Pécs, Doctoral School in Regional Policy and Economics

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Márta BakuczTourism and the local economy2020-08-31KTK
István György BessenyeiThe effect of migration on economic growth2020-08-31KTK
János CsapóThe relationship between tourism and regional development, and tourism and rural development2020-08-31KTK
Katalin ErdősEntrepreneurial university2020-08-31KTK
Zoltán GálRegional Innovation Systems and the Regional Engagement of Universities2020-10-31KTK
Zoltán GálRegional Financial Analysis2020-10-31KTK
Mónika Galambosné TiszbergerMeasurement and analysis of well-being2020-08-31KTK
Attila HavasComparative analysis of innovation systems2020-08-31KTK
Attila HavasMeasurement of business and social innovation2020-08-31KTK
Dániel KehlAdvanced statistical methods2020-08-31KTK
Tibor KissEconomic and theoretical approach of sustainable development, blue economy and circular economy.2020-08-31KTK
István Kónya„Economic growth, factors of production and productivity”2020-08-31KTK
Zoltán ScheppNew opportunities for forecasting foreign exchange rates2020-08-31KTK
Tamás SebestyénNetwork structure and economic stability2020-08-31KTK
Éva Somogyiné KomlósiEconomic and social processes of regional development in Europe and Hungary European and Hungarian regional and rural development policy and planning2020-08-31KTK
Éva Somogyiné KomlósiAsian regional development policy2020-08-31KTK
László SzerbSmall business competitiveness researches2020-08-31KTK
László SzerbEntrepreneurship and entrepreneurship development in country and regional levels2020-08-31KTK
László SzerbEntrepreneurship ecosystem measurement and research2020-08-31KTK
László SzerbDigital entrepreneurship2020-08-31KTK

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