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Current thesis topic proposals of Semmelweis University, Budapest, Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Zoltán KalóSupporting health care R&D decisions by early phase technology assessment2022-02-09SE
Zoltán KalóEconomic principles of health care research and development from the macro level perspective2022-02-09SE
Zoltán KalóHTA implementation roadmap in lower income countries2022-02-09SE
Tamás ÁghHealth-economics aspects of medication adherence2022-02-09SE
Zoltán VokóHealth economics of public health interventions2022-02-09SE
Andrea PárniczkyInvestigation of the pathomechanism and the clinical course of acute pancreatitis in adults and children2021-10-18SE
Andrea PárniczkyInvestigation of the epidemiology, diagnostics, treatment, complications and genetic background of SARS-CoV-2 induced disease2021-10-18SE
Andrea PárniczkyInvestigation of the cystic fibrosis related exocrine and endocrine pancreatic dysfunction2021-10-18SE
György BagdyAssociations of disorders, pharmacotherapy and biology using large human databases2021-10-18SE
Andrea Ildikó SzentesiLifestyle, prevention and risk of acute pancreatitis. Prospective, multicentre observational case control study (LIFESPAN)2021-10-18SE
Péter PetschnerOmics-based investigations of polygenic central nervous system disorders2021-10-18SE DI
Andrea Ildikó Szentesi
Péter Hegyi
Investigation of the pathomechanism and disease course of COVID-192021-10-18SE
Péter PetschnerApplication of artificial intelligence algorithms for novel drug target discovery in polygenic disorders2021-10-18SE DI
Bálint Mihály ErőssThe clinical aspects of gastrointestinal bleeding2021-10-18SE
Eszter LajkóCell- and molecular biological investigation of small molecule drugs and their peptide conjugates designed for targeted tumor therapy2021-10-18SE
Dezső CsuporEfficacy and safety of medicinal plant-based products2021-10-18SE
Péter HegyiInvestigation of the early phase of acute and chronic pancreatitis: from bed to the bench side research2021-10-18SE
Andrea PárniczkyGenetic analysis of pediatric pancreatitis. The APPLE (Analysis of pediatric pancreatitis) multicentric, multinational, observational clinical trial2021-10-18SE

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