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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Debrecen, Doctoral School of Linguistics

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Éva Aliz KardosArgument structure2022-01-15DEBTK
György RákosiConstructions at the syntax-semantics interface2022-01-15DEBTK
Péter SzűcsCross-clausal dependencies2022-01-15DEBTK
Ágoston TóthEvidence-based lexicography2022-01-15DEBTK
Enikő TóthExperimental semantics/pragmatics2022-01-15DEBTK
Csilla RákosiFallacies2022-01-15DEBTK
Attila CserépFigurative language2022-01-15DEBTK
Péter CsatárGerman pronominal system2022-01-15DEBTK
Enikő TóthGrammar and Pragmatics2022-01-15DEBTK
Attila CserépIdioms2022-01-15DEBTK
György RákosiLanguage acquisition2022-01-15DEBTK
Franciska SkuttaLinguistic Approaches to Narrative: Analysis of French Literary Texts2022-01-15DEBTK
Péter CsatárMetaphor analysis2022-01-15DEBTK
Csilla RákosiMethodological issues in experimental pragmatics2022-01-15DEBTK
Máté TóthMetonymy and translation2022-01-15DEBTK
Csilla RákosiPlausible argumentation in theoretical linguistics2022-01-15DEBTK
Sándor KissProblems of Text Linguistics in Contemporary French2022-01-15DEBTK
Csilla RákosiPsycholinguistic experiments in cognitive metaphor research2022-01-15DEBTK
György RákosiSpecial varieties of language2022-01-15DEBTK
Éva Aliz KardosTense and aspect across languages2022-01-15DEBTK
Sándor KissThe Latin-Romance Transition: Documents and Theoretical Approach2022-01-15DEBTK
Péter SzűcsThe linguistic properties and behavior of pronouns2022-01-15DEBTK
Máté TóthTheoretical and methodological issues in the research of metonymy2022-01-15DEBTK
Péter CsatárTranslation studies2022-01-15DEBTK
Máté TóthVerbal synesthesia2022-01-15DEBTK

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