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Current thesis topic proposals of Semmelweis University, Budapest, Doctoral School of Health Sciences

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Zoltán BaloghResearch of the care of acut and chronic patients2022-03-13SE
Zoltán BaloghResearch of the evaluation of people with mental disorders among health professionals2022-03-13SE
Gyula DomjánResearch on long-term quality of life and rehabilitation in thrombophilic patients with coagulation disorders2022-03-13SE
Gyula DomjánResearch of long-term quality of life and rehabilitation for patients with systemic autoimmune disease (SLE, PSS, RA, etc.)2022-03-13SE
Ágnes DósaCivil law questions of the health provider-patient relationship2021-10-26SE
Helga Judit FeithResearch of social roles and conflicts from a health science perspective2022-03-13SE
Judit ForraiHistory of the development of healthcare, history of science2022-03-13SE
Ákos KollerCardiovascular changes in gestational hypertension, especially in the cerebral circulation2022-03-13SE
Illés KovácsNew possibilities in the diagnosis of early forms of keratoconus2022-03-13SE
Sándor MihályOrgan transplant donor coordination2022-03-13SE
Zoltán Zsolt NagyPossibility of vision screening in childhood, assessment and development of visual skills2022-03-13SE
Zoltán Zsolt NagyRefractive errors2022-03-13SE
Zoltán Zsolt NagyPathological abnormalities of the eye and their treatment2022-03-13SE
Csaba NyakasExercise nutirition interactions in prevenention and rehabilitation2022-03-13SE
Csaba NyakasActive and passive exercise for the prevention of falls and dementia and for the treatment of movement disorders in early childhood2022-03-13SE
András TerebessyResearch of health behaviour and health state in adolescents and young adults2022-03-13SE
István VingenderSocialcultural context of health, health culture and health care system2022-03-13SE
István VingenderDeviant behaviour and the patology of society2022-03-13SE

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