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Current thesis topic proposals of Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church, Budapest, Doctoral School of Law and Political Sciences

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Lilla KirályAccess to Justice in the EU2021-12-31KREÁJ
Ádám BoócActual Problems of Contracts on the Online Platforms2021-12-31KREÁJ
Ádám BoócActual Questions of International Commercial Arbitration2021-12-31KREÁJ
Ádám BoócActual Questions of the Institute of Suretyship and Bank Guarantee2021-12-31KREÁJ
Attila KunBusiness and Human Rights”, Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) from a transnational labour law perspective (selected topics based on individual research plans)2021-12-31KREÁJ
Sándor UdvaryCollective litigation2021-12-31KREÁJ
Zsolt SzabóComparative Constitutional Law2021-12-31KREÁJ
Szilvia DobrocsiComparative criminal procedure law2021-12-31KREÁJ
Attila KunComparative labour law and labour relations (selected topics based on individual research plans)2021-12-31KREÁJ
Zsolt SzabóComparative Parliamentary Procedures2021-12-31KREÁJ
Nándor BirherComplexity of Norms (Law, Ethics, Religion)2021-12-31KREÁJ
Zoltán Tóth J.Constitutional adjudication2021-12-31KREÁJ
Zsolt BecseyConvergence of the Central European EU Member States within the EU- with focus on the legal aspects.2021-12-31KREÁJ
Róbert SzuchyCorporate Social responsibility and energy regulation2021-12-31KREÁJ
Lilla KirályCross-border Civil Disputes in the European Union and International Private Law.2021-12-31KREÁJ
Mihály TóthEconomic crimes2021-12-31KREÁJ
Róbert SzuchyEnergy justice in the EU Energy Law2021-12-31KREÁJ
Róbert SzuchyEnergy Law and regulation2021-12-31KREÁJ
András TóthEU Competition Law2021-12-31KREÁJ
Attila KunEuropean labour law (selected topics based on individual research plans)2021-12-31KREÁJ
Szilvia KöbelFundamental Rights, Human Rights2021-12-31KREÁJ
Ádám RixerGood governance in times of crisis2021-12-31KREÁJ
Zoltán Tóth J.Human rights in the modern era2021-12-31KREÁJ
Zsolt SzabóHungarian Constitutional Law in European Perspective2021-12-31KREÁJ
Attila Pókecz KovácsInstitutes and subsequent History of Roman Property Law2021-12-31KREÁJ
Zoltán Tóth J.Judicial reasoning2021-12-31KREÁJ
András OsztovitsLegal and political aspects of the accession to and withdrawal from the European Union2021-12-31KREÁJ
András OsztovitsLiability of Member States for damages of breaching their obligations under EU law2021-12-31KREÁJ
András OsztovitsNational and international models of civil procedures2021-12-31KREÁJ
Ádám RixerNational non-governmental organizations in the 21st century2021-12-31KREÁJ
András OsztovitsOnline courts and the future of justice2021-12-31KREÁJ
Szilvia KöbelParliaments, Legislation2021-12-31KREÁJ
András OsztovitsPrinciples of EU law2021-12-31KREÁJ
Szilvia KöbelProtestantism2021-12-31KREÁJ
Zoltán Tóth J.Recent paradigms of political philosophy2021-12-31KREÁJ
Sándor UdvaryRegulation of autonomous vehicles2021-12-31KREÁJ
Éva JakabRisk allocation: a historical approach2021-12-31KREÁJ
Éva JakabRoman law and the history of European private law2021-12-31KREÁJ
András OsztovitsSocial and legal expectations towards the functioning of judiciary2021-12-31KREÁJ
Ádám BoócSome Current Problems of the Law of Succession2021-12-31KREÁJ
Szilvia KöbelState and Church relations, religious freedom2021-12-31KREÁJ
András TóthTechnology Law2021-12-31KREÁJ
Ádám BoócThe Application of the General Principles of Civil Law in the Digital Age2021-12-31KREÁJ
Csaba TörőThe boundaries of enforcement of individual and collective self-help in evolving state practice: current and future legal challenges in the application of countermeasures2021-12-31KREÁJ
Szilvia DobrocsiThe future of criminal procedure law2021-12-31KREÁJ
Róbert SzuchyThe future of the Energy Law2021-12-31KREÁJ
Péter NagyThe historical models of the marital jurisdiction2021-12-31KREÁJ
Éva JakabThe history of copyright2021-12-31KREÁJ
Csaba TörőThe institutional evolution and legal practice of diplomatic and consular relations2021-12-31KREÁJ
Csaba TörőThe legal character and contours of EU external relations, their policy instruments and the institutional structures for their operation2021-12-31KREÁJ
Csaba TörőThe legal questions and institutional aspects of the resolution and settlement of international and internationalized internal conflicts in the context of contemporary pr2021-12-31KREÁJ
Szilvia DobrocsiThe legislation of the European Union in the field of criminal law and criminal procedure law2021-12-31KREÁJ
Csaba TörőThe possible international remedies for and responses to failures in the protection of fundamental human rights in armed conflicts2021-12-31KREÁJ
Sándor MóréThe Representation and Protection of National Minorities2021-12-31KREÁJ
Zoltán Tóth J.The right to life and human dignity2021-12-31KREÁJ
András OsztovitsThe role of national courts concerning the effective enforcement of EU law2021-12-31KREÁJ
András OsztovitsTheories and history of the European integration2021-12-31KREÁJ
Szilvia KöbelTotalitarian Regimes, Remembrance of the Nation2021-12-31KREÁJ

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