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Current thesis topic proposals of Corvinus University of Budapest, Doctoral School of Economics, Business and Informatics

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Péter Vékás" Actuarial science, Mortality forecasting, Longevity risk, Pensions"2024-12-31CUB
József BanyárActuarial science, Life insurance, Pensions2024-12-31CUB
Ádám CsapóAdaptive and re-configurable virtual reality spaces2024-12-31CUB
Ádám CsapóAI-supported Multimodal Knowledge Management2024-12-31CUB
Tibor IllésApplications of Vector Optimization Problems in Business and Economics2024-12-31BCE
Csaba CsákiArtificial Intelligence ethics and governance2024-12-31BCE
Csaba CsákiArtificial Intelligence in Higher Education2024-12-31BCE
Hubert János KissBehavioral and experimental economics, bank runs2024-12-31CUB
Richárd SzántóBehavioral economics and behavioral interventions2024-12-31CUB
Péter JuhászBusiness analysis and valuation2024-12-31CUB
Ildikó HorváthCognitive Aspects of Virtual Reality (cVR)2024-12-31BCE
Ildikó HorváthCognitive Aspects of Virtual Reality (cVR)2024-12-31CUB
Tamás SolymosiCooperative Game Theory2024-12-31CUB
Dániel HavranCorporate Finance2024-12-31CUB
Johannes WachsDigital Supply Chains2024-12-31BCE
István KónyaEconomic growth, convergence, development2024-12-31CUB
Dániel HornEducation Economics2024-12-31CUB
Péter ElekEmpirical health economics, Applied econometrics2024-12-31CUB
Zsuzsa Réka HuszárEmprical Finance (asset pricing), Short selling, Market Efficiency, Anomalies, Household Finance (incl. pension investment, mortgage and real estate valuation), Energy Fi2024-12-31CUB
Álmos TelegdyEmprical studies of firms and workers2024-12-31CUB
Zsuzsa Réka HuszárEnergy market fragility EU, US and beyond2024-12-31BCE
Helena NaffaESG investments, sustainable finance, biodiversity finance, financing NbS2024-12-31CUB
Ildikó HorváthExamination of AI Personalized Services2024-12-31CUB
Péter CsókaFinance applications of economic theory (game theory, network theory, and general equilibrium theory).2024-12-31CUB
Andrea KőIndustry 4.0 Maturity Model2024-12-31BCE
Erzsébet KovácsInternational comparison of pension systems2024-12-31BCE
Orsolya VásárhelyiIntersectional Inequalities in Online Science Dissemination2024-12-31BCE
Balázs ReizerLabor economics and public finance2024-12-31CUB
Orsolya VásárhelyiLeveraging Diversity to Mitigate Algorithmic Discrimination in Data Science2024-12-31BCE
István KónyaMacroeconomic analysis of the labor market2024-12-31CUB
Miklós VáryMacroeconomics with special emphasis on monetary and fiscal policy (applying DSGE models, agent-based models, and network science)2024-12-31CUB
Zsuzsa Réka HuszárMarket efficiency - the new normal post Covid -19 pandemic2024-12-31BCE
László CsatóOperations research in sports2024-12-31CUB
Miklós PálfiaOptimization, gradient flows and nonlinear probability theory2024-12-31BCE
Zsuzsa Réka HuszárProperty prices during and after the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe and Asia.2024-12-31BCE
Balázs SziklaiSocial choice, laboratory experiments, mechanism design2024-12-31CUB
Balázs SziklaiSocial networks, innovation spreading, network diffusion, network centrality2024-12-31CUB
Csaba CsákiSpace, place, and identity in the Metaverse2024-12-31BCE
Judit NagySupply chain resilience2024-12-31CUB
Dávid LosonciSupply networks and business networks; Digitalisation; Competitiveness2024-12-31CUB
Edina BerlingerSustainable finance2024-12-31CUB
Éva BerdeThe impact of demography on the economy; Labour market.2024-12-31CUB
Attila TasnádiTopics in computational social choice2024-12-31BCE
Álmos TelegdyWorker mobility across firms, occupations and industries2024-12-31CUB

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