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István ZimonyiTurkology2017-10-03SZTE
Zsolt GicziThe works and activity of Kuno Klebelsberg2017-10-03BTK
Andrea KökényThe USA and Europe in the 19th Century2017-10-03BTK
Melinda Draskóczy Miklósné SzékelyThe social, economic, and political symptoms of 3rd-century crisis in the age of the Soldiering Emperors (A. D. 235-284)2017-10-03SZTE
Lajos KövérThe image of Hungary in Europe from the 16th to the late 19th century2017-10-03SZTE
Zsuzsanna CzirákiThe history of Transylvania an the Transylvanian Saxons in the Early Modren Age. The Oriental Diplomacy of the Habsburgs in the Early Modern Age2017-10-03BTK
Gábor BarnaThe exploration, registration and creation of cultural heritage in Hungary, Central and South-Eastern Europe2017-10-03SZTE
Melinda Draskóczy Miklósné SzékelyThe dating of the 'Tabula Cebetis ' and its place in Roman and Hellenistic thought2017-10-03BTK
Andrea KökénySocial and intellectual history of the USA2017-10-03BTK
Béla TomkaSocial and economic history of 20th-century Europe and Hungary2017-10-03SZTE
Iván TóthRhetoric and historiography2017-10-05BTK
György GalambReligious movements and heresies in medieval Western and Central Europe2017-10-03BTK
Gyula WojtillaRegional history of South-India2017-10-28BTK
Péter Ákos FerwagnerPolitical parties and movements in the Arab Region2017-10-03BTK
György SzabadosOguzes and Hungarians. The steppe-history of the Oguzes, their archaeological heritage and connections with the medieval Hungarian Kingdom2017-10-02SZTE
Beáta VargaModern History of Eastern Europe2017-10-03SZTE
Melinda Draskóczy Miklósné SzékelyMilitary and civic architectural innovations in the age of the dominate2017-10-03SZTE
Andrea KökényInter-American relations2017-10-03BTK
Gyula WojtillaIndian society in the works of Kshemendra2017-10-28SZTE
Péter ZakarHungarian revolution of 1848 and War of Independence in 18492017-10-03SZTE
Sándor PappHungarian history between the 16th and 18th centuries2017-10-03SZTE
László KarsaiHolocaust in Hungary and in Europe2017-10-03BTK
László NagyHistory of the relations of Hungary with the Arab countries in the 19th and 20th centuries2017-10-03SZTE
Péter Ákos FerwagnerHistory of the Middle East in the 19th and 20th centuries2017-10-03BTK
László NagyHistory of the Maghreb countries in the 18th and 19th centuries2017-10-03SZTE
István ZimonyiHistory of the Eurasian Steppe in the Middle Ages; Nomadic peoples in Eastern Europe2017-10-03SZTE
Péter László VukmanHistory of the Balkans in 19-20th centuries2017-10-05SZTE
Ágnes DeákHistory of the Austrian Empire and Hungary in the 19th century; history of national movements2017-10-03SZTE
Péter ZakarHistory of the Austrian Empire (Austro-Hungarian Empire) 1804-19182017-11-02SZTE
Zsolt HunyadiHistory of Medieval Hungary2017-10-03BTK
Enikő A. SajtiHistory of ideas, politics and minorities in the Balkans throughout the 19th and 20th centuries2017-10-05SZTE
Enikő A. SajtiHistory of Hungarian-Yugoslavian relations between 1918 and 19912017-10-05SZTE
Zsuzsanna CsikósHistory of Hungarian-Hispanic relations2017-10-03SZTE
László NagyHistory of French-Hungarian relations between the 18th and 20th century2017-10-03BTK
Béla TomkaHistory of European integration2017-10-03SZTE
Andrea KökényHistory of Colonial America2017-10-03BTK
Lajos KövérHabsburg expansion from the 16th to the 19th century2017-10-03SZTE
Péter László VukmanGreat powers and the Balkans2017-10-05SZTE
Melinda Draskóczy Miklósné SzékelyEconomic and social changes in the Roman Empire2017-10-03SZTE
Péter ZakarEcclesiastical history in the 18th and 20th centuries; Hungarian church history2017-11-02BTK
István ZimonyiEarly history of the Hungarians2017-10-03BTK
Péter Ákos FerwagnerDiplomacy and political relations of the great powers in the Mediterranean2017-10-03BTK
Sándor László TóthDebates in the history of Hungarian prehistory2017-10-03BTK
Péter ZakarCultural and political history of the ‘Southern Territories’ (Délvidék) in the 19th and 20th centuries2017-10-03BTK
Béla TomkaContemporary history of Hungary and Europe (from 1914 to the present day)2017-10-03BTK
Tibor AlmásiCharter register of the Angevin period (Angevin Archives)2017-10-05SZTE
Gyula WojtillaAncient India and contemporary ‘world’ trade2017-10-28BTK

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