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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Pécs, Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine

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László BajnokImpacts of weight loss on metabolic and vascular parameters2023-05-19ÁOK
László BajnokInvestigation of fat cells of obese individuals2023-05-19ÁOK
István BátaiEffect of anaesthesia on postoperative infections2023-05-19ÁOK
Katalin BorbélyMultimodal Imaging in Oncology and Neurology2023-05-19ÁOK
Árpád BoronkaiModern options for the radiotherapy of chest malignancies2023-05-19ÁOK
Boldizsár CzéhInvestigating potential biomarkers for neuropsychiatric disorders using novel diagnostic tools2023-05-19ÁOK
Csaba András DézsiChanges in plasma levels of bioactive peptides during acute myocardial infarction2023-05-19ÁOK
Csaba András DézsiThe role of chemokines and cytokines in the pathogenesis of coronary artery desease2023-05-19ÁOK
Réka FaludiModern echocardiographic techniques and biomarkers in the diagnosis of heart failure2023-05-19ÁOK
Zsuzsanna Faust
Tamás Nagy
Analysis of protein O-GlcNAc post-translational modification in malignant hematology disorders2023-05-19ÁOK
Balázs GaszApplication of 3D modelling and 3D printing in surgical planning2023-05-19ÁOK
Balázs GaszExperimental and clinical evaluation of cardiac surgical procedures associated with myocardial ischaemia-reperfusion2023-05-19ÁOK
Balázs GaszPotential genetic background of ischaemia-reperfusion injury of myocardium in cardiac surgery2023-05-19ÁOK
Balazs GasznerNon-invasive measurement of arterial stiffness parameters in assessment of cardiovascular risk2023-05-19ÁOK
Mária GődényNew opportunities, MRI biomarkers in the evaluation of head and neck cancer2023-05-19ÁOK
László HejjelThe measurement technology and possible applications of heart rate variability analysis2023-05-19ÁOK
László HejjelInvestigation of conduction disturbances by non-invasive His-electrocardiography following valve surgery2023-05-19ÁOK
László HejjelCardiovascular actions of natural therapies and the role of the autonomic nervous system2023-05-19ÁOK
László HejjelApplied biomedical signal processing2023-05-19ÁOK
Dezső KelemenInnovations in pancreatic surgery and their influences for the postoperative results2023-05-19ÁOK
Dezső KelemenInvestigation of new perspectives for the early recognition of pancreatic cancer2023-05-19ÁOK
Péter KenyeresErythrocyte deformability measurements with ektacytometry. Methodical pitfalls2023-05-19ÁOK
Gábor KésmárkyInvestigation of variables affecting blood and oxygen supplementation in peripheral arterial diseases2023-05-19ÁOK
István KissEpigenetic factors – cancer risk and prognosis2023-05-19ÁOK
István KissRole of genetic polymorphisms in cancer susceptibility2023-05-19ÁOK
Katalin KoltaiEffects of impaired glucose metabolism on hemorheological parameters and platelet aggregation2023-05-19ÁOK
András KomócsiImmunological and haematological aspects of progression of atherosclerosis and in-stent restenosis2023-05-19ÁOK
András KomócsiInvestigation of clinical and genetical factors influencing residual platelet reactivity after coronary stent implantation. An individualised antiplatelet strategy2023-05-19ÁOK
András KomócsiExercise induced dynamics changes in pulmonary arterial hypertension2023-05-19ÁOK
Miklós KoppánInvestigation of molecular biological and endocrine aspects of different clinical forms of endometriosis2023-05-19ÁOK
Gábor Kovács L.Viability assessment of in vitro fertilized embryos using biomarkers of the cell culturing medium2023-05-19ÁOK
Gábor Kovács L.Genetic diagnosis in the embryo culture media during in vitro fertilization2023-05-19ÁOK
Gábor Kovács L.Analysis of circulating cell-free DNA and miRNA as pathogenetic markers in liquid biopsy2023-05-19ÁOK
Andrea LadányiRole of tumor-infiltrating immune cells in influencing tumor progression and the effectiveness of anticancer treatment2023-05-19ÁOK
László MárkThe comparison of lipid goal attainment in patients after myocardial infarction undergoing and not undergoing cardiac rehabilitation in Pecs and Gyula2023-05-19ÁOK
Gábor MenyheiComputational fluid dynamics for the diagnosis of vascular diseases and follow ups of open and endovascular interventions2023-05-19ÁOK
Attila MisetaThe role of phosphoglucamutase in the therapeutic action of lithium2023-05-19ÁOK
F. Tamás MolnárDiagnosis and therapy of acut and chronic injury of the parenchmatosus organs2023-05-19ÁOK
F. Tamás MolnárParametric methods in support of surgical decision making2023-05-19ÁOK
F. Tamás MolnárNon manual skills in surgery and dentistry. A medical humanities approach2023-05-19ÁOK
F. Tamás MolnárMedical Humanities2023-05-19ÁOK
F. Tamás MolnárPrognostic factors in the breast cancer and fields of enhanced diagnostic accuracy2023-05-19ÁOK
Diana MühlHaemostatic management of vascular surgical procedures associated with high bleeding risk2023-05-19ÁOK
Ákos Károly NagyNeurogenic differentiation of mesenchymal progenitor cells of dental pulp origin2023-05-19ÁOK
Ákos Károly NagyExamining the quality of life of patients with cleft lip and palate2023-05-19ÁOK
László PajorInvestigation of the cytogenetics of hyperdiploid childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia2023-05-19ÁOK
András PappEvaluation of prognostic factors in the surgical treatment of colorectal liver metastases2023-05-19ÁOK
Csaba PolgárIntensity modulated and image guided radiotherapy (IMRT and IGRT)2023-05-19ÁOK
József PytelLong term follow up of hearing improvement operative techniques2023-05-19ÁOK
József PytelReconstructive possibilities in the head-neck surgery2023-05-19ÁOK
József PytelObjective audiometrical techniques2023-05-19ÁOK
Tamás Simor
Réka Faludi
Correlations between CMR-derived and echocardiographic parameters of the atria in different forms of heart failure2023-05-19ÁOK
József SzalmaExamination of the prevention and treatment modalities of alveolitis in relation with impacted teeth surgery2023-05-19ÁOK
István SzokodiNon-coding RNAs in pathological cardiac remodeling2023-05-19ÁOK
István SzokodiRegulation of cardiac contractility by protein kinases2023-05-19ÁOK
István SzokodiFunctional significance of apela in regulating cardiac fibrosis2023-05-19ÁOK
Erzsébet ToldyRelationship between gestational diabetes mellitus and thyroid function consideration by vitamin D supply2023-05-19ÁOK
Kálmán Tóth
Gábor Késmárky
Hemorheological variables in various diseases. Diagnostic and prognostic implications2023-05-19ÁOK
Péter VajdaEvaluation of Complications Following Surgical Correction of Complex Developmental Disorder in Children and Adolescents2023-05-19ÁOK
Csaba VargaBalneoprevention2023-05-19ÁOK
Csaba VargaEnvironmental nanotoxicology2023-05-19ÁOK
Ágnes Vassné Lakatos
Attila Miseta
Examination of the metabolism of new psychoactive drugs2023-05-19ÁOK
István WittmannAccumulation of hydroxyl free radical products ortho- and meta- tyrosine is the cause of chronic hormone resistance2023-05-19ÁOK
István WittmannThe effect of oxidative stress on the efficacy of insulin and erythropoietin2023-05-19ÁOK

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