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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Miskolc, Antal Kerpely Doctoral School of Materials Science and Technology

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Péter Baumli
György Kaptay
Development of new aluminum-matrix composite materials reinforced with nanoscale refractory particles2022-01-15MAK
Péter BaumliPreparation of corrosion-resistant coatings on steel2022-01-15MAK
Péter Baumli
György Kaptay
Fabrication and characterization of nano multi-layered materials for low temperature brazing applications2022-01-15MAK
Péter BaumliPreparation and investigation of Carbon Nanosheets from natural wastes2022-01-15MAK
Márton BenkeAnisotropy of Rolled Multilayered Structures2022-01-15MAK
Béla FiserExperimental and Computational Study of Polyurethane Catalysts2022-01-15MAK
Béla FiserExperimental and Computational Study of Antioxidant Additives2022-01-15MAK
Klára HernádiModification of carbon nanotube surfaces via formation of inorganic composites2022-01-15MAK
Klára HernádiFabrication and investigation of semiconductor containing composite photocatalytic materials2022-01-15MAK
Klára HernádiCVD synthesis of carbon nanotubes2022-01-15MAK
György KaptayDevelopment of Calphad and nano-Calphad2022-01-15MAK
György Kaptay
Péter Baumli
Development of metallic materials with high internal specific surface area2022-01-15MAK
Tamás KékesiDeveloping hidro-electrometallurgical methods for the utilization of metal bearing wastes2022-01-15MAK
Tamás KékesiPurification of chloride solutions by anion exchange for the extraction of high purity metals2022-01-15MAK
Tamás MendeApplication of ESTPHAD phase diagram calculation method for multicomponent systems2022-01-15MAK
Michael Owen
Béla Fiser
Experimental and In Silico design of Environmentally-Friendly Polyurethanes2022-01-15MAK
Milán SzőriMolecules in Fire: Ab Initio Investigations on Biofuels2022-01-15MAK
Milán SzőriMolecular Simulation on Supercritical Systems2022-01-15MAK
Milán SzőriTheoretical Investigations for a Better Understanding of Industrial Processes2022-01-15MAK
Milán SzőriPassive Transport Phenomena of Pollutes on Biomembranes2022-01-15MAK
Milán SzőriMolecular Simulations of Astrochemical Relevance: Properties of Cold Interfaces2022-01-15MAK
Tamás TörökPlasma surface engineering studies of metals coatings2022-01-15MAK
László Tóth
Valéria Mertinger
Nano-metal development using the Friction Assisted Lateral Extrusion Process (FALEP)2022-01-15MAK
Zsolt VeresEffect of melt flow on solidified microstructure of Al-Si Eutectic2022-01-15MAK
Zsolt VeresEffect of melt flow on columnar-equiaxed transition2022-01-15MAK
Zsolt VeresEffect of melt flow on solidified microstructure of Al-Al3Ni Eutectic2022-01-15MAK
Péter BarkóczyAllotropic transformation of Titanium-Zirconium system2022-01-15MEMAK
Zsolt DobóInvestigation of direct CO2 capture from the atmosphere2022-01-15MEMAK
Valéria MertingerEffect of parameters of friction stir welding on the microstructure of aluminum alloys2022-01-15MEMAK
Miklós NagyDevelopment of smart fluorescent molecules2022-01-15MEMAK
László Tóth
Máté Szűcs
Numerical simulation of the rolling process of niobium-titanium sheets2022-01-15MEMAK

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