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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Chemistry

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Róbert BerkeczDevelopment of new lipidomic and metabolomic approaches2022-02-01OVI
Gábor TóthSynthesis of modified peptides2022-02-01OVI
Zoltán KónyaNanostructures in catalysis2022-02-01AKKT
András SápiSolving environmetal and industrial problems by designed nanocatalysis2022-02-01AKKT
Györgyi VáradiDevelopment of new antifungal agents on the base of naturally-occurring antifungal proteins2022-02-01OV
László JanovákDevelopment of colloidal carriers for drug delivery2022-02-01FKAT
Tamás SzabóDevelopment of magnetically modified graphene based composites2022-02-01FKAT
Tamás SzabóConstruction of graphene oxide based ultrathin films by colloid chemical methods2022-02-01FKAT
István SzilágyiDevelopment of multifunctional nanoparticle dispersions2022-02-01FKAT
Péter Sándor TóthActivation/defect passivation of 2D semiconductor nanostructures: Enhancement of the photoelectrochemical performance2022-02-01FKAT
Tünde AlapiDetection and transformation of persistent organic compounds and their metabolites in aqueous solutions2022-02-01SZAKT
Éva Anna EnyedyBiospeciation of metal complexes with anticancer activity2022-02-01SZAKT

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