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Current thesis topic proposals of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Pál Vásárhelyi Doctoral School of Civil Engineering and Earth Sciences

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Bence TakácsPlanning a new map projection system for a specific country2024-05-31EOAF
Lajos VölgyesiThe use of mathematical methods in metrology for the elimination of disturbances in precision torsion balance measurements2024-05-31EOAF
Tamás KrámerProbabilistic flood hazard analysis below earth fill dams2024-05-31BMEVV
Gergely Tihamér TörökExamination of the effect of wing dams on the fluvial sediment budget2024-05-31BMEVV
Annamária DudásBuilding physical analysis of ground connected building constructions treated by posterior waterproofing technologies2024-05-31BMEEM
Katalin KopecskóInfluence of micro- or nanoadditives on the characteristics of cementitious materials2024-05-31BMEEM
Katalin KopecskóEnhanced chemical and fire resistance due to alkali-activated binders2024-05-31BMEEM
Éva Eszter Majorosné LublóyParametric analysis of reinforced concrete frames exposed to fire2024-05-31BMEEM
Anita TerjékInteraction of parameters in environmentally conscious construction product development2024-05-31BMEEM
Sándor ÁdányAnalysis of thin-walled structures and structural members by using modal decomposition2024-05-31BMETM
Katalin BagiDiscrete element modelling for regolith behaviour2024-05-31BMETM
Imre BojtárThe effect of the microstructure to macrolevel behavior of the materials2024-05-31BMETM
Péter GörögStability analysis of seismic load induced rockslides2024-05-31BMEGM
András MahlerNumerical modelling of pavement-subsoil interaction2024-05-31BMEGM
Ákos TörökComparative engineering geological, geochemical and geophysical characterisation of Hungarian and Egyptian limestones2024-05-31BMEGM
Ákos TörökNumerical calculations and modelling of changes in stone and at stone/mortar interface2024-05-31BMEGM
Kristóf KapitányEfficiency analysis of algorithmic design in the construction industry2024-05-31EOFT
Bence MolnárAI supported point cloud processing2024-05-31EOFT
János JuhászIntegrating micro-mobility services into the urban transport system2024-05-31EOUV
Szabolcs RózsaPositioning and orientation estimation of autonomous platforms in dynamic environments2024-05-31BMEAF
Bence TakácsInvestigation of the GNSS Integrity for Safety of Life Application2024-05-31BMEAF
Lajos VölgyesiPhysical interpretation of global geoid forms2024-05-31BMEAF
Éva Eszter Majorosné LublóyEnergy efficiency in buildings by increasing thermal insulating properties of cement plasters2024-05-31EOEM
Éva Eszter Majorosné LublóyThe effect of fibers on the fire resistance of concrete2024-05-31EOEM
Éva Eszter Majorosné LublóyEffect of supplementary materials added to concrete on bond strength2024-05-31EOEM
Balázs NagyHygrothermal analysis of historical building constructions2024-05-31EOEM
Balázs NagyBuilding physics analysis of point-fixed glass facades2024-05-31EOEM
Sándor SólyomBond of FRP bars in concrete and its effect on serviceability behavior of reinforced concrete elements2024-05-31EOEM
Zsuzsa SzalayEnvironmental optimization of buildings based on building information modelling2024-05-31EOEM
László DunaiReliability assessment based fatigue analysis of old steel bridges2024-05-31BMEHS
Péter HegyiBehaviour of heat insulation material encased thin-walled steel structures2024-05-31BMEHS
Attila László JoóResearch on more accurate dynamic factors for bridges2024-05-31BMEHS
Kálmán KorisAnalysis of floor systems made of prefabricated pre-stressed concrete formwork panels2024-05-31BMEHS
Balázs Géza KövesdiAnalysis of buckling propagation in deepwater pipelines2024-05-31BMEHS
István VölgyiPunching resistance of RC slabs2024-05-31BMEHS
Gyula TóthGravity field modeling in Hungary using space gravity gradiometry2024-05-31AF
Kornél Tamás AlmássyOptimization methods of the pavement management systems of the city road network2024-05-31BMEUV
Csaba TóthDeveloping a pavement design system2024-05-31BMEUV
Adrienne ClementDetermination of biological available phosphorus content of lake sediment and the role of this pool in the management of2024-05-31BMEVK
Zsolt KozmaThe updated modelling of groundwater recharge-discharge processes in Hungary2024-05-31BMEVK
Miklós PatzigerDesign methods for efficient operation of large municipal wastewater treatment plants2024-05-31BMEVK
Zsolt KozmaHydrological analysis of natural water retention measures and sustainable land management2024-05-31EOVK
Attila JuhászGeoinformatics and remotely sensed data integration for archaeological and historical researches2024-05-31BMEFT
Zsófia KuglerThermal infrared remote sensing for monitoring urban heat island effect2024-05-31BMEFT
Tamás LovasTerrestrial laser scanning in engieering survey2024-05-31BMEFT
Katalin BagiTheoretical and numerical analysis of the statics of Gothic masonry structures2024-05-31EOTM
Katalin BagiDiscrete element analysis of the mechanics of cracked masonry vaults2024-05-31EOTM

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